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The great catastrophe of mankind. Will the end of the world come?

Now, the one who has the answer, has appeared.

Why is he so anxious to reveal things of the world,

and why can't people in this era help turning away from him altogether?

The world which he sees, the world in which what happens makes all the ways exist inside what is.

Five Doubts

· Who are you?
· What is your mission?
· What is your message?
· What makes you different from ordinary people?
· How did you grow up?

Introduction to Enlightenment

· The appearance of an Enlightened Being
· What is Enlightenment?
· Requirements for becoming an Enlightened Being
· The period of the advent of an Enlightened Being
· Phenomena after being Enlightened
· The teaching of an Enlightened Being
· The ability of an Enlightened Being
· The value of Enlightenment
· Things which people who want to be Enlightened must be careful of
· The life of an Enlightened Being

Questions and Answers

Main Contents of the Lectures

· How does the world exist?
· The world of life
· The essence of destiny
· Requirements for happiness
· The secrets of the God in which the human world believes
· The importance of the truth
· What is life?
· The secret of eternal life
· The answer on creationism and evolutionism
· Changing period

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