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The Founding Year

Society of Natural Science is the organization which has the best intellectual ability in the world, which was initiated by the independent activities of the president, Sam Han Lee in 1986 and founded in 1990.

The Objective of the Foundation

Society of Natural Science was established with the objective of educating mankind.

The range of activity

The Society has been active in working for the entire world. It has been providing diagnoses and countermeasures for the solutions of various kinds of problems in the area of politics, the economy, social matters, et cetera. The Society has also been supplying the ways to solve individual problems, and problems of business, family, and diseases.


The number of members in the society is about two-hundred and fifty, worldwide, including regular and irregular members.

The source of Revenue

The Society’s revenue has mainly been produced by way of the president’s personal capital and by the membership fee as well as special sponsorships.

The Area of Research

The Society has been displaying the best activities in the areas of philosophy, science, and medical science.

Our Announcements

The Society has revealed a great number of problems which the human world hasn’t been able to understand so far. The details are as follows.


1) In the field of philosophy, the Society has revealed results which happen through life and has provided the causes of problems which human societies and individuals have.


2) In the area of science, the Society has shown the principle which reveals how things in the world can come into being and has offered the materials which makes what exists in the principle visible.


3) In the field of medical science, the Society has introduced Ui-Tong which nobody has been able to develop. Ui-Tong is the medical technology that makes diagnoses of the state of patients’ disorder and treatment possible.

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