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Five Doubts

Who are you?


In the world, word that a true person would appear in this era has come down to us from the past. The point where the true person is different from ordinary people is that he can perceive things in the world which nobody has known up until now.




What is your mission?


The first thing is to fulfil the human world's hope. The second thing is to reveal the way which is needed to transfer from the present mankind to the next.




What is your message?


Today's world makes people live in falsehood. So, by revealing what is in the world, the things which are in truth and falsehood shall be known.




What makes you different from ordinary people?


After enlightenment, first a symbol (the eye of wisdom) appeared in the middle of the forehead. Second, I came to see things of the world through my consciousness. Third, I became distant from the five desires. Fourth, I became able to perceive things in the truth and say them.




How did you grow up?


I was born at an isolated cottage located in the Chiri‐mountains of southern Korea on April 6 in 1942. My family were slash‐and‐burn farmers. My father was ill, so mother had to take care of the children by herself. Because we were so poor, when I was born I had to drink the soup of the roots of plants and the barks of trees. A few days after I was born, I was abandoned in the mountains for a while. About a year after I was born, my father passed away. My mother passed away when I was 9. From that time on, inevitably, I had to grow up in extreme difficulties where I had to take care of myself without any help from those in my surroundings. Despite this, I began to show outstanding leadership from the age of about 20. When I entered the political world at the age of 25, it caused a big sensation. I got married at the age of 33 and I now have a son and a daughter. I attained Supreme Enlightenment at the age of 44 and now, I am here.

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