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Main Contents of the Lectures

How does the world exist?


Everything that exists in a phenomenon is made by what is in a single principle. This principle, like mathematics, makes results depending on the things in what is. The reason why the human world hasn't known this thing yet is that the problems of what is haven't been exactly perceived.




The world of life


The origin of life is made by the activities of the world. Once anything appears in the world of phenomenon, it keeps on doing the things that make itself exist through its own activities. The important point is that what is inside the self has effects on the future as well as the present.




The essence of destiny


There are a lot of people in the human world who don't know exactly about destiny. Destiny is the thing which comes to exist in oneself due to what one saw, heard, and how one acted. As long as there is no enlightenment, one is always controlled by the karma in oneself. We call this thing destiny.




Requirements for happiness


Everyone wants happiness. But the human world doesn't yet know how happiness exists or what makes happiness. Someone who wants to be happy must learn how they can make happiness exist in themselves and must know what they can obtain happiness through. Happiness is made by what is in oneself. A happy life is the life in which you don't have loneliness, hunger, and worry.




The secrets of the God in which the human world believes


God is the consciousness which is made through the activities of the living. This consciousness is made through the separation of spirit and body. The consciousness which has problems stays in the dimension of the human world. The cases where it contacts with human beings occur according to what the consciousness has.




The importance of the truth


The truth is the meaning which what is has, or the things in phenomena which appear through what is. The truth can be observed from anywhere and exists through any event. The reason why the human world doesn't have any interest in the truth is that the teaching of the truth is very insufficient. The truth must be given the most important place in human life. The human world must consider the truth to be the most important thing. This is because in the truth there is the way which makes things of the world exist.




What is life?


In the human world, most people don't know exactly why they live. This fact is the evidence that no one in the human world is aware of the importance of life. Life is the way which makes the self exist through what comes to exist inside the self.




The secret of eternal life


In the human world, the words, 'eternal life' have come down from the past. However, it isn't easy for people to know the way to the eternal life. In order to live eternally, first of all, one must do what makes eternal life happen to oneself through one's own activities. If not, eternal life won't happen to anybody. The explanation of how people can live eternally will be given.




The answer on creationism and evolutionism


In the human world, there has been much debate over whether creationism or evolutionism is more superior for a long time. But this has only been a waste of time. The answer is made according to which side one starts from. Creation and evolution are connected to each other as a correlative concept. So, seen from the side of creation the answer comes through evolution and seen from the side of evolution the answer comes through creation. Therefore, in order to get the answer we must look at both creation and evolution on the same level.




Changing period


Some people in the human world have wondered how mankind has been able to exist for a long time and various claims on this have been put forward. Most of them believe the word that everything is determined by God. However, the world changes and exists in a single principle. Everything in the world comes to exist through the phenomenon of repetition. The phenomenon of repetition has made mankind exist for a long time. Just as the hour hand of a clock completes a cycle every 12 hours, the world is also repeating within a certain cycle. The changing period means what exists in the process which is necessary to transfer from one mankind to another.

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