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April 6th 1942  

Born at a remote village in Ha-Dong Gun, Kyungnam Province, South Korea

May 25th 1971        

Ran for Congressman in Youngdo, Busan, South Korea

December 12th 1978        

Ran for Congressman in Youngdo, Busan, South Korea

May 7th 1983                    

Publication of Lonely Struggle

May 10th 1984                

Publication of poem, Lamentation

November 1984                

Attainment the supreme enlightenment

August 21th 2008             

Passed away in Malaysia

Sam Han Lee

Who are you?

The prophecy that the truest person appears in this era was passed down, in human world.
What he is different from the other people is that he can see things as they are, which people cannot see.

What is your mission?

My first mission is to make the human world’s hope come true.
The second one is to brighten the road which is necessary in order to transfer the present world to the next.

What is your message?

The present world makes people live in falsehood. By making things in the world clear, truthful things and false things must be known to everybody.

What makes you different from the ordinary people?

After my Supreme Enlightenment,
firstly a symbol, the eye of wisdom, appeared in the middle of my forehead.
I have been able to see things of the world through my consciousness.
Thirdly, I have kept myself away from the five desires
Finally, I have been able to understand things in the truth and say them.

What has your life been like?

I was born at an remote and isolated cottage located in the Chiri-mountains of southern Korea on April 6 in 1942.

My family were slash-and-burn farmers.  My mother had to take care of her children by herself because my father was ill.

Because of the terrible poverty, I had to drink the soup of the roots of plants and the barks of trees even though I was just born.

A few days after I was born, my father passed away and my mother also passed away at my age of 9.

From that time on, inevitably, I had to grow up in extremely difficult surroundings.

Despite all those hardships, I began to show outstanding leadership from the age of about 20.

I entered the political world at 25 and made a big sensation.

I got married at the age of 33 and I have a son and a daughter.

At 44, I attained the Supreme Enlightenment and now, I am here.

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