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Voice of Nature

To live without knowing about life is to live, abandoning oneself. However, there is neither anyone who teaches about life nor anyone who desires to learn about it.

To live without knowing about enlightenment is the abandonment of your future and to give up getting out of your karma which makes yourself unhappy.

You have quality in yourself and, according to the quality, have the corresponding degree of the understandings of things. It becomes the origin of your destiny.

Human beings wish to live within their limits.

Destiny is a phenomenon in which things that exist in you appear.

Destiny comes at birth, but you can change it as much as you like.

What has happened to you governs your life.

Destiny is created by the law of cause and effect and continues existing in you.

We have to know what we must do and what we must not do.

The requirements for happiness are diligence, frugality and honesty.

Happiness is the state of no hunger, worries and loneliness.

While your body grows through the energy of food, your consciousness grows by the things that exist within you. In other words, what you see, hear, and go through will build up in you, resulting in spiritual change.

There should be no expectation that better fruit will come from the trees that no one has cultivated. It is very unlikely that this will happen.

What exists in you always affects your activities.

You must not forget that what you do is the cause of all the results which you obtain.

The thing, which exists in your source, formed by what you do moves you back. This thing in your source is called karma.

Once in the world, what has come to exist tries to exist without its own extinction.

When someone who doesn't know what they're doing wants to teach others or solve others’ problems, that's what creates karma.

A soul is a compound of gases into which consciousness has been inputted.

At birth, past memories disappear, but past activities are preserved, unchanged.

If those with big karma hear truths, they come to have repulsion. Those who don’t have big karma become dubious. Those with small karma become delighted.

To learn for yourself and to do something that is a blessing to others is not to build up karma.

A look at the world of karma shows how important things in reality are.

Everything exists in history and everything repeats in history.

Even karma itself has attachment. Those who have big karma mostly live long.

The way to be free from karma is to cause good things to come into being in you by making good karma for other people.

It is nearly impossible to build up good karma without enlightenment.

The bigger karma is, the weaker willpower is.

No matter how much you want to do well, if you make a mistake because of your big karma, you will build even bigger karma.

Although people have been taught as much as being sick to do good things, the reason why they cannot do good things is because of their own karma.

When it feels like there is fire in your heart, karma builds up if hate occurs, and karma burns if hate does not occur.

Just because life is hard, don't do anything you'll regret for the rest of your life.

Everything in the world comes into existence through activity. Even karma cannot exist unless it is active. The way out of the control of karma is to restrain its activity.

The words which can enlighten people are the best words.

The purpose of our lives is to fulfill our hopes.

Nothing is more unfortunate than not believing what is in existence.

The difference between the life where you live knowing and the life where you live not knowing is enormous.

The phrase, 'be enlightened' means ‘do things, knowing what exists in you.’

There is no reason to live if life is not precious to us.

In order not to be deceived by others, we are trying to enlighten ourselves.

Why is it so hard to enlighten ourselves in the human world?

All the answers exist in what is in existence.

No matter how much you want to enlighten yourself, if you cannot understand and accept truths, you cannot attain enlightenment.

Only those who seek to know the truth can approach enlightenment.

Discernment, which allows us to see what exists as it is, is created by what happened to us in the past.

Enlightenment is not achieved in one's hope or desire. The most important thing is how you love others and can enlighten yourself.

Your ignorance causes yourself to be deceived and to deceive others.

To gain enlightenment is to gain truth into yourself.

Anybody who enlightens themselves can save themselves.

Before a society collapses, the consciousness of people in the society gets deteriorated first.

Education without enlightenment is not real education.

A theory devoid of its foundation has dire consequences.

There must be a fundamental and a foundation in teaching.

Planting your spirit on a good foundation can turn you into a good self.

We must know how our words and behavior affect ourselves, our future and our society.

Making many laws in a society without justice rather makes life hard for people in that society.

The definition of justice: The light which brightens a human society.

In a society where justice exists, people cannot assert their own ideas or what they don’t know.

The difference between acting in the dark of night and acting in the light of day is the same as the difference between living in a society without justice and living in a society where justice exists.

In a society with no justice, there is no right and wrong, so people with abilities cannot exercise the abilities.

What is essential to the survival of human society is justice. Justice can be compared to the source of power which drives a car.

What can you see and learn in a dark society where justice, the light which illuminates the world, has disappeared?

How can we entrust what exists to someone who is unaware of it?

In a country where justice is missing, no one knows conscience and Way-Virtue(道德).

People think that Eastern philosophy is different from Western philosophy.

Love and 道德(way and virtue) are the words which have the same meaning.

道德(way-virtue) does not exist in a society with no justice.

How can a great person do a great work in a dark society where justice is missing?

Not being able to answer what love is means not knowing love.

Giving the world conscience and justice is love for the world.

Love is to bless the world.

If we have justice, we don’t need law.

Without justice, we cannot reveal what is in existence. This is because nothing can be revealed in the darkness.

Human society can thrive through right human activities. And through justice, the right human activities can be more active.

In most societies today, ethics is taught but 道德(way and virtue) is not.

Without justice, 道德(way and virtue) cannot stand; without 道德(way and virtue), ethics cannot stand.

When humans do not know, human thinking can cause them to do anything. That is, when humans do not know, it causes wrong thinking. The thought is like that of an animal, except that through consciousness it is possible to transform thinking into action.

All the misfortunes in our society today stem from the disappearance of justice.

Reform is required, but without justice, there would be more widespread corruption, corrupt officials, and trickery in the society.

Without enlightenment, justice can’t be established.

True education is giving enlightenment that enables people to see and understand what is in existence.

In order to attain the enlightenment, you must learn love first.

You can bless what exists only when you know what exists.

Answers lie in problems.

Wisdom : eyesight to see things

Knowledge : accumulated things through learning

There are lots of wrong things in human knowledge.

Competent people are raised but geniuses are from themselves.

Competent people have knowledge but geniuses possess wisdom.

In a society without justice, a ruler is like an absolute God.

A society where the truth doesn’t word and justice is missing is too dangerous.

What we do creates a new world.

One makes the same mistake. There is a fundamental cause for this.

You can change your destiny and the destiny can also be changed.

Reincarnation refers to the phenomenon that everything in the universe makes itself exist through its own activity. Not only human beings but also what exists in humans exists through reincarnation.

What has happened to you can affect not only yourself but also society, the country, and the world.

The reason why one society was able to get a head of other societies is that there was great teaching in that society.

Confucianism taught only questions and answers, excluding processes. The more you learn about Confucianism, the more blind you become.

What exists is the cause of goodness, badness, disaster, and happiness.

A great leader is a hard worker without lying.

A good teacher has good abilities and is bright in reality.

Faith doesn't solve everything. Faith without enlightenment can be harmful.

In order to lead a good life, it is the first thing to know what exists.

If you know what exists, destiny has no power.

The truth (law) is the way to make the world exist.

Peace can be attained when conscience stands upright in a just society. In other words, You can obtain peace when you live with a bright mind in a bright world.

Happiness is not temporary satisfaction. Happiness is obtained in the situation where you are neither hungry nor lonely and have a bright mind. Diligence, frugality, and honesty are the way to achieve happiness.

Unless you keep what you have to abide by, you can’t acquire happiness and peace. It is you that make happiness and peace.

In a society where truth and justice are ignored, there are cases where the promise that diligence, frugality, and honesty are the way to happiness is occasionally disregarded.

No matter how good eyesight may be, nothing is visible in the complete darkness.

When what you do leads to rewarding results, you will have delight. Delight lies in you by what you do.

Most people do not care what kinds of things their opponents have done and judge them according to whether they were against their opinions or not.

It is imperative to create an environment where healthy people can work.

Giving food to the poor is not love but acts by sympathy or compassion.

The important thing to think about after reading Carnegie's autobiography is not to be impressed by the book, but to be like him.

Only through promises with truth (way and virtue (道德), law, and promise) can happiness be achieved.

Telling us to love other people is like telling us to fertilize the ground.

Education is necessary for opening eyes to the world.

It is very dangerous to treat patients without diagnosing them.

Buddha said that people are like the blind with eyesight.

Abiding by and practicing are like farming.

People live forgetting about teachings that exist in the truth.

On what criterion can a person be judged to be a Great Being?

Shakyamuni (Gautama Buddha) tried to give great blessings to the human society.

Hypocrites are unaware of love.

People need authority because they are incompetent.

The persecution which Shakyamuni endured was much more than we can imagine.

Jesus was on trial without guilt due to slander and false accusations.

We call them Great Beings because they tried to deliver the teaching of the truth and showed people the ways to the human completion.

Although hypocrites enjoyed hospitable treatments as a Great Being while they were alive, they couldn’t after they passed away. Why? It was because they didn’t deliver the teaching of the truth.

The reason why the life of a Great Being is precious to human beings is that they knew the most important things for people and tried to teach them to people.

In order to awaken yourself, you have to confirm and understand what is in existence.

A Great Being has teachings but religions do not.

To abandon your own consciousness and to accept the fundamentals of a wise person is the way to bless yourself.

If people had taken advantage of the names of Great Beings and established religions, it is an insult to the Great Beings.

Religions get popular and expand in dark societies.

Lives of Great People were to convey blessings to people through what is in existence.

No humans want to make themselves unhappy. It is their own ignorance that makes them unhappy.

Humans are composed of a body and consciousness. Consciousness is the source of human activity and can also be called themselves. Humans have different consciousness respectively. They are unwilling to accept what doesn’t exist in their consciousness. People cannot accept the truth because they have never experienced it.

The law of cause and effect refers to a phenomenon which is created when one thing meets another and it is the truth about how all things in the world come into being. The law of cause and effect is like a mathematical formula.

If you are unaware of what exists, your life will be filled with agony.

Fate can be fixed or variable.

Yeo-Rai(如來, Tathagata) is the one who sees what exists in the truth.

A Great Being can be regarded as a completed human being.

Confucius and Mencius were only famous scholars those days. There is no light in Confucius’ teachings. The teachings of Confucianism are rooted in ideals.

‘Love’ in the Western world is the same as ‘Do’(道, way) in the Eastern world.

If certain words are difficult to believe, you must verify them instead of either accepting or rejecting them.

Unless what you have can be helpful to other people, no matter how precious it is, it is useless.

The word, ‘you must produce good fruits’ isn’t helpful at all to those who want to obtain them. What is really helpful is to teach how to attain them.

The evidence of being Great Beings lies in their words, actions, and what they did while living.

To be able to accept the teaching of an enlightened being, a great fundamental is necessary.

We call everything that appears in front of us ‘what is in existence'. We do not know what exists without verifying it. If you watch, listen to, and observe what exists, you become to open your eyes to what exists.

What people in this era must be most careful of is making contacts with ghosts. Contacts with ghosts cause self-loss.

Deteriorated truths are equal to poison.

Buddha said, "I haven't said my own words. I haven't said my own thoughts but have said what is." People don't say what is but their thoughts.

Activity of the earth are the origins of all the living things.

A good person is the one who neither tells lies nor harms other people.

Conveying the truth is the way to build up the greatest virtue in the human world.

If you depend on what exists without believing in your thoughts, thoughts in your consciousness become extinct.

A phenomenon is a result which takes place from activities of what exists.

It is the activities of the world that make it possible for human beings to exist.

‘Period of change’ has happened in the past worlds and so will in the present world and in the future worlds.

The world has existed by reincarnation, the principle of repetition.

The world exists not by the will of a god but by the meaning of what exists.

It is easy for a ghost to interfere in what humans do but it is difficult to make it change for the better.

The way to the salvation of oneself is first to open eyes to what exists, to open eyes to the principle in what exists, and finally to inform the world of it.

It isn't such an easy thing to love other people, that is, to bless them.

Karma in consciousness can never be removed without ‘the fire of love’.

Those who are full of ignorance and attachment can never understand what exists, even though they listen to the explanations about it.

Things in the world exist by the principles in activities.

The core of a human being is consciousness.

The role of consciousness is to control activities. Consciousness produces what exists out of you or takes in what happens to you.

The Period of Change means that an era transfers to another era.

It is possible for human beings to save themselves through love.

Nobody has explained about what reasons and situations cause the Period of Change to occur.

Those who save themselves can attain eternal salvation but those who try to be saved by others can never be saved.

Mankind was created in the activities of the natural world.

How true a person is is different from one person to person. A person with the high level of truth doesn't tell lies but says what exists. A person with the high level of falsehood does in the opposite way.

Knowing the world makes it hard to tell lies.

You have to learn wisdom through what exists.

Enlightenment is necessary. You have to enlighten yourself about the truth of what exists.

In order to help people open their eyes, the explanations

A ghost only sees phenomena and can’t see the way of what exists.

People are indifferent to what exists.

Teaching what exists means revealing things of the world.

Ignorance is the cause of vice. If you know, you can get away from all the disasters.

You have to set a standard of truth through observing what exists. You have to judge your opponents based on their words, behavior, and activities. Do not rely on what people say but check what exists one by one in detail.

What is important in life is to know rightly what is. In order to properly know what is, you have to have the sufficient understanding of it.

The purpose of our living is to gain a good self. This way can be achieved through teaching.

The criterion for distinguishing Right Way (正道) from Wrong Way (邪道) is teaching. The way with right teaching is Right Way (正道), otherwise, Wrong Way (邪道). The judgment about whether the teaching is right or wrong lies in ‘what exists’.

It is an important thing to reveal the truth of what exists.

The probability that a person can live truthfully in a good environment is relatively higher. But it is too difficult to live truthfully without the teaching of an enlightened being. It is difficult to get results without knowing how to achieve them. Learning what exists through the enlightened being will make you know faster and more clearly.

If you learn certain teaching, you must have exact understandings of the meaning of the teaching.

Those who want to survive have to make efforts as much. It is like, if they learn the art of farming, they should work hard. Otherwise, the skills will be useless.

The way humans preserve themselves is enlightenment. In other words, in order to preserve themselves, they must practice the meanings they learned through enlightenment.

Unless you do what can bless other people, you can’t bless yourself.

No matter how vicious people may be, if they are made to be enlightened, they would not harm others.

When you hear of what exists, you feel like you know it. However, when you are asked about what exists, you can’t answer easily.

Blind people with eyesight, those who are not enlightened, should convey as it is what they hear without distorting it.

If other people believe in your lie, it constitutes deception. In other words, it means that they will suffer losses. Once you tell a lie, it becomes a habit and finally karma. Therefore you’d better not tell a lie.

It is very dangerous to do things without knowing whether they are right or wrong. In other words, if you do so it’s easy to be deceived by swindlers.

All things in the world of phenomena exist by a single principle.

The world exists by its structure and the activity of the structure.

When the human consciousness deteriorates, the end will come to the human world.

If the energy of life is made to be purified, anybody can reach the eternal life.

If there is anyone who doesn't understand the truth, it's a matter of their consciousness.

It is far better not to see, hear, read, or learn things that do not help.

Although people see what exists, because they do not know why it happened, Shakyamuni Buddha said that people are like the blind with eyesight.

It is hard for those who have never done good things to accept good things.

Before the enlightenment, it's difficult to see truth and after the enlightenment, it's difficult to see falsehood.

It is a good study to awaken yourself in reality.

Darkness is afraid to meet light and vice versa. It is because darkness will be broken to die if it meets light and light will die of being wrapped by darkness if it meets darkness.

If you want to receive hospitable treatment from other people, treat them well first.

If the living and the dead stay together, nothing goes well.

Those who have two units of consciousness(two souls, or a soul and a ghost) show two different types of behavior.

The relationship between facts and the truth: We can see the truth through the relationships of facts and we can see the relationships of facts through the truth.

You have to throw away all the wrong things in yourself so you can learn what is right.

A society which has a certain problem does not take the problem seriously.

People with weak will often commit crimes.

Although the disabled can protect their souls, those whose souls are dominated by other souls can’t protect their souls and eventually ruin even their fundamentals.

The way you preserve yourself is enlightenment and, through the enlightenment, you can practice the meanings you have learned.

Right Way (正道) reveals facts and Wrong Way (邪道) hides facts. Right Way (正道) is always shunned by people.

It's easy for those who have followed the Right Way to fall into the Wrong Way but it isn't easy for those who have followed the Wrong Way to accept the Right Way. For example, it is possible for healthy people to become crippled in an accident but it is really difficult for those who become disabled once to be healthy again.

The most important thing that Buddha wanted to teach through his living was the law of cause and effect. It means what influence a certain problem has.

Those who have only answers without problems always do useless things.

Only when you are enlightened, you can be helpful to other people.

You must neither deny nor disregard what exists.

Karma is the source of human destiny.

Poison works quickly, but the effects of nutritional supplements do not appear immediately.

If a person with bad destiny becomes the leader of a country, the country will perish.

Life is the source of our existence.

Religions speak answers without problems.

Those who have no karma hurt neither other people nor themselves.

The practice of teaching takes considerable effort.

Each person has a different destiny because the things that existed in their past lives were different.

In order to solve a problem, the purpose, measures, guidelines, and people, which are suitable for the problem, are necessary.

If you realize your faults and reject them, and accept good things through working with the one who has good destiny, you can make a good destiny for yourself.

When people say that they know something or they don't, you must check it.

It is important that we see, understand and know the matters you need to live on.

Those who have deep grudges or attachment in themselves can’t even die comfortably.

Anyone who becomes to know the truth of what exists in the world can change his or her destiny.

All living things and substances are made by causality. According to what kind of causality you accept and what kind of causality is active in you, your destiny to be formed is different.

Good seed (fundamental) and good ground (foundation) bear good fruit.

If another soul enters one’s body, the one loses discernment, becomes sick, and becomes unable to work well.

The source of your destiny is what exists in you.

Nothing in the world can be accomplished only by dreams or idealistic thoughts.

If you want to live well, you have to make the corresponding causes of living well.

An enlightened being sees what exists, the problems in it and the answers they have.

Even if people have experienced the same thing dozens of times, they do not know its causes.

Those who have no enlightenment live in their own desires.

Human essence and foundation can be ascertained through his or her words and actions.

Where hypocrisy exists, there are many people, but where truth exists, people do not gather.

Without enlightenment, it is impossible to change destiny.

The fundamental of good and evil lies in enlightenment.

Those who have wishes try to solve their problems through what exists. Those who have desires try to acquire what they want only relying on their own thoughts and caring about neither any means nor any methods.

Humans can get everything through life.

A pure person has conscience and courage. Pure people and fools must be distinguished.

The present life leads to the endless lives in the future.

If you are unaware of what exists, you can’t change your thoughts.

The human soul cannot be born again without abandoning everything in the past.

If people are properly aware of what is, they will not get attachment.

Nutritional supplements are hard to take but narcotics are hard to quit.

The way people do not get a grudge is to know love.

Change attachments to wishes and grudge to love.

It is for oneself to live a good life.

Without right and wrong, a good world will not be made. What people must be taught is right and wrong.

Enlightenment is to suppress karma and behavior of virtue is to burn karma.

Most of the people in the world want others to deceive them. Those who deceive others are being respected.

In order not to spend life in vain, we must try to enlighten ourselves about what exists.

Make efforts to enlighten yourself.

It is never welcome to reveal what exists. But we must make constant efforts because this is the way for ourselves and humanity.

Attachment makes people live a hard life with a heavy burden. Abandon your attachment and have a wish.

Enlightenment means seeing what exists. It is really difficult for those who are not enlightened to understand what an enlightened being says.

Open your eyes to the world.

Every problem has a countermeasure to solve it.

A good world or a bad world is created by people in the world.

It is important not to be deceived in a dark society.

Accepting truth will brighten your mind and enable you to live a good life.

You can come to know everything through verifying it.

Destiny refers to a thing that what had happened to you was accumulated within you and causes your actions.

People without enlightenment can’t see the problem of what is.

It is really difficult to enlighten yourself unless you meet an enlightened being.

A right question is to present a problem and ask for its solution.

Isn't it ridiculous to ask other people to listen to something that you don’t know?

Unless the karma existing in oneself is removed completely, it is impossible to achieve the supreme enlightenment through emancipation.

Depression, autism, and schizophrenia are mental illnesses which are caused by dead souls entering living humans.

Those who live learning what exists do not have a great grudge or attachment as they die. A soul with a grudge or attachment which is deep feels as if it is still alive even after it is dead.

A soul can be born again as a new living creature only through the death of its consciousness.

Leadership means bringing together the power of people and so achieving an aim. The one with leadership deals with people well. Leadership is management. Judgment and behavior governs management.

What you lack should be supplemented through understanding.

You can change yourself by accepting new consciousness and thereby coming to know.

People are saying answers without problems. The answers without problems are useless.

Judgment, behavior, and character are determined by what exists in the source of consciousness. Leadership arises from what exists in the source of consciousness. Leadership has nothing to do with academic background.

Learn how to work.

Whether consciousness is good or bad is determined by whether the quality of education is good or bad.

If you can see nothing and know nothing through life, your life is meaningless.

Observe yourself. Observe what you are doing.

To know that you do not know is to know that you cannot see what is in existence. Ask yourself what you know.

If you come to know that you don't know, you become as true as you do.

An enlightened being teaches cause and effect.

An enlightened being is like a mirror.

If you know the importance of life, you won’t be able to do what ruins you.

To have become to see what exists means that you have become to live in the world by your own will.

Human consciousness is conditioned by the environment.

Ups and downs and fortunes and misfortunes aren’t what god brings but what oneself does make.

People have a great negative impact on their society if they have a high academic background in the state that they hadn’t enlightened themselves and so have got bad consciousness.

You have to consider important the fact that what happened to you has a great impact on yourself.

Our future exists in our living. You should not try to live a life in a difficult way. If you know the world, things of the world are easy, and if you don’t know the world, things of the world are difficult.

If you continue to listen to, look at, and learn what is, your karma becomes powerless.

Humans have karma and are controlled by it. To win this karma, there must be enlightenment through what is.

There are times when frustration and despair arise when you do not fit reality. You must overcome those hard times with hope, will, and effort.

Just as a person who does not know the numbers can’t solve mathematical problems, a person who is incapable of seeing what exists does not understand problems in the world.

You will not become comfortable by committing suicide because of the hardship of the reality. Although suicide can kill the life of the flesh, the soul is still alive. What is worse, after death, you will experience much more painful things.

Without knowing the truth of a problem, you can’t find the answer.

The teachings of the Buddha were nutritional supplements at that time. However, the teachings have been wrongly preserved, so that they are poison now.

Education is to teach what exists. By knowing what exists, one can overcome one’s karma.

You have to treasure your wealth but should not waste your life on it.

A robber might take away physical life but a religion takes away even the life of a soul.

Falsehood is the enemy of society. If falsehood is successful in a society, the society will perish.

Enlightening people, sitting on the street, involves humiliation and danger.

The poorest person in the world is the person who can’t let the world know the bright mind.

Human consciousness has changed for the worse because of attachment and desires. It does not mean, however, that the world will continue to change for the worse. If a person with good teachings appears and teaches people, the world can become better.

Live looking at the world. Then you will never fail.

The enlightenment taught by an enlightened being is to let people see what exists and see what results what exists makes.

To see a person, you have to see their society and to see a society, you have to see the people in the society.

Be true to reality.

If people don’t recognize you, you should do something that lets them know.

If you do not identify what exists, you cannot distinguish truth from falsehood.

What can unite the power of human society? It is the truth.

Words without specific measures are nothing but dreams.

When wisdom does not gain power, wisdom is only an ideal dream.

Studying is in order to be human and to be helpful to other people.

A human makes the source of their future life through life.

When you come to properly see what exists, you can attain enlightenment little by little.

Indifference to life makes a society more dark and unhappy. There are too many people in our society who refuse to be human beings. People have lost right or wrong of what is.

In a state of not being enlightened, it is impossible to explain what exists as it is.

Unverified facts are being reported indiscriminately through mass media, which causes a great misfortune for society. It is not right to say what you haven’t seen clearly.

Good teaching is teaching what exists.

Trying to being enlightened is for opening eyes to the world.

Human consciousness stores what has happened in the fundamental and the foundation.

Justice refers to the creation of a bright society where no unfairness is suffered by revealing what exists as it is.

Everything makes itself exist through repetitive activities.

When you open your eyes and look at the world, you can see that the world is moving by a single law.

In a society where falsehood prevails over the truth, lots of people are subjected to unfairness.

Falsehood kills a soul.

What appears by the influence of karma is called destiny.

The best education is to teach and learn what exists. Education in this era, however, makes people parrots by having them memorize knowledge. Wrong teaching ruins the world.

Enlightenment is the vision that enables a human to see what result a certain thing make by what reason.

To make a just society, history must be changed. History can be changed by a hero.

Society does not change if people are not changed.

Good and evil are determined and exist by what exists.

When the truth (the principle) is revealed, everything in the world is revealed.

If humans do not have conscience, they are like animals.

Even Buddha cannot save people who have no causality (因緣).

Life consists of the body and the soul with consciousness.

Enlightenment is the light of life.

Life is the way to save oneself and life can be saved by enlightenment. Saving life means saving the future.

It does not matter whether corporal punishment in school should be used or not. It does matter what criteria on using corporal punishment must be used on what circumstances and how the punishment should be done.

If you hide bad things and put forward good things, the bad things will cause misfortune and the good things will invite danger.

If there is no reincarnation, everything disappears. Your future through reincarnation is determined by what exists in you. If you lose yourself, you cannot return to what you are through reincarnation. Understanding what exists in reincarnation makes a good self.

If you ruin your life, you also ruin your soul.

In order to do good things in the world, you must first know things in the world.

When you do not have the right understanding of the world, humans have attachment and grudge. In the same way, if you have a greater understanding of what exists, you can throw away your attachment and grudge.

When you do something you do not know, learn from someone who knows it and then do it.

The truth (fact) is likened to light and falsehood to darkness.

The body plays a role in helping the consciousness, and the consciousness acts as a driver that controls the body. People make their minds through consciousness and body. In other words, the mind is a phenomenon that occurs when consciousness or the body is active.

Ghosts don't know what exists in the truth (眞理, the law).

Asking an enlightened being what he knows is like asking people with eyesight what they can see.

God cannot show problems about what exists or their solutions. Once people come into contact with ghosts, they become different. People possessed by ghosts even do what they do not know well. It is best for the living to live in their own spirit.

Religion is originally a place to teach humans the way to get a good mind. Modern religions, however, are the places for ‘Shin(神)-Pool-Ee’. ‘Shin(神)-Pool-Ee’ means letting ghosts settle scores for their grudge or resolve their attachment.

A ghost is 'consciousness', an existence, separated from a living creature. A great number of people are being deceived by god. A ghost has bad influences on humans more than good influences. A ghost causes physical pains, confuses the mind, or makes trouble in a family. A ghost can neither save humans nor is helpful to them.

Only a human being makes consciousness through the activity of life.

When people lose themselves through contact with ghosts, they feel they have become comfortable. However, it means that the purpose of their lives has been lost.

If a soul is being caught by grudge and attachment, it is difficult to be reincarnated.

If a ghost is active, it loses the power of its consciousness and may end up being born as an animal or even a plant.

People live without thinking of what is helpful to them. What exists is the source to create new things. There is a big difference in behavior between when you know what is and when you don't know.

Those who can’t see what exists are called the blind with eyesight.

A living organism is sometimes created and sometimes reincarnated.

It is the best virtue to inform people of what exists as it is.

By the time of the end of the world (the Period of Change), humans invite ghosts to kill themselves.

If one tries to bless other people, the one is abandoned by them. Just then it is possible to burn up the karma. Karma can only be burned with the fire of love.

What you should be most careful of is not to accept a ghost.

If you do what exists without knowing it, it will put you in danger. The reason why society is in trouble is that the consciousness of the members is deteriorating.

In this age, the way to keep yourself is not losing yourself.


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