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Dec 6, 1998: To Know All The Truth of Reality

Why can't we know all the truth of reality even if we spend our entire lives?

 I think you should have a good understanding of what we're doing through this time. Through this time we are revealing the truth of what exists through this time. However, it is not possible to know everything even if one devotes one's life to revealing the truth of what exists. I will explain this part.

 In the past, Shakyamuni used the word law when teaching people. In Buddhism, a religion that puts forward Buddha today, it is also expressed in the word Dharma. What is Dharma? Since you do not fully understand Dharma, I will show you Dharma once again and explain what makes things of the world come into existence.

 Dharma refers to a formula that creates a phenomenon. You might be wondering how this formula is built up. If you think this is difficult, it becomes infinitely more difficult. It's very easy if you think about it easily. When you begin to study math, you need to know numbers first. You need to know numbers to understand and solve math problems. It is impossible to understand a math problem without knowing the numbers.

 In mathematics, when a problem in front and a problem in the back exist by a formula, this is called a law. The reason why this fact cannot be denied is that numerous formulas were applied in the process of creating many civilizations around the world. A mathematical formula, in other words, a formula has worked. Formulas in mathematics are called laws in reality. It includes the meaning that what exists has come into existence by law.

 Those who are ignorant ask. Where did the law come from? You cannot answer that question until you have a full understanding of these things. To understand this, you must first understand the fundamental problem. What do we call the fundamental problem? It is said that causes that make things of the world exist are called the fundamental problem.

 All things are born in the world, and all kinds of phenomena appear according to them. When you can understand what the fundamental cause of this phenomenon is, or what the fundamental cause of all things is, you can understand the fact that it is the very Dharma that the Buddha said.

 There are people who say that everything was created by a Creator. If all living things came into existence in a situation where there was nothing, it is a common idea of ​​people to see that they were created by some special being. But in reality, it's never like that. This can be fully explained by looking at the natural phenomena that exist in the world. Especially with today's existence of science, natural phenomena can be easily explained.

 Man is called the microcosm. The microcosm means that all life activities are carried out in the human body by structural mechanics. Structural mechanics refers to the phenomenon made by the structure of various organs in the human body. In other words, by the action of various organs, the body moves, thoughts occur, emotions arise, and all kinds of things are seen inside the human being.

 Likewise, it can be seen that the universe is made by structural mechanics. In other words, it can be seen that the universe exists, the earth exists, humans exist, and all phenomena exist according to one principle.

 Let's take a look at phenomena in the world through structural mechanics. All things in the world are moved by the structure of the world, that is, by the activities of the structure. Structure makes power exist in the world and uses that power to move all things. Just as a car is driven by power, the world is also moved by the activity of its structure. It is alive and moving. In the activity of the structure of the world, when all kinds of matter and energy meet, all sorts of phenomena appear. Depending on what phenomenon appears, there is a formula, or law, that fits the phenomenon like a mathematical formula.

 If a deformed child is born, it is the case that the cause exists in the process of conceiving the child, or it is the case that a being that should not be born as a human is born as a human. The latter is a case of a deformed life in which the ability to understand things is significantly reduced due to lack of the activity of consciousness. In some cases, they may live as a mentally handicapped child.

 There are two possible causes of mental retardation. One is when there is something wrong with a body organ. This is due to acquired causes. The other is a case in which a mentally retarded child appears even though there is no abnormality in the body organ. This is due to congenital causes. When this kind of thing appears due to something that exists within you, it is said that you were born with it innately. On the other hand, it is explained that this happened in the acquired process when it appeared by the process of being born or the structure of the body made after birth. As you know, everything is under law, which means that this thing happens by a thing combining with another.

 Again, what do we call Dharma with? When a substance is combined with another, a phenomenon occurs, and this phenomenon is said to be Dharma. And even in the combination of the same two substances, different phenomena appear depending on the amount or nature of each, which is also said to be Dharma.

  It is also called Dharma that the truth(fact not law) of things that exist or the truth(fact not law) of things within things that exist.

 Does Dharma mean science? No. Science has not yet been able to properly explain things other than those in the material civilization created by humans. It is because of the human consciousness

 If we get good things through a causality, that is also another Dharma. In other words, it is law that a phenomenon takes place due to things in a certain process.

 A few days ago, I went to the Lotte Hotel to listen to a lecture by a famous phD from Japan. I had no choice but to go because Dr. Byun was interpreting. Listening to it, I found that he didn't explain what was in the process at all. It is said to be famous, but the things in the process were not explained at all. I was very saddened by that fact. It was explained that a substance was used to purify the environment, but there was no explanation as to how the substance was created and through what process the substance purifies the environment. During the 3-hour long talk, he talked about all kinds of things, selling the Creator, selling Buddha, and selling Buddha's disciples, but all that he said was not based on principles.

 It is said that a content about cause and effect which makes a phenomenon come into being, explained by the Buddha, is Dharma. The term Dharma is not a word reserved for Buddha, but refers to the phenomenon that causes the things of the world to exist.

 Buddha's teachings about things of the world are termed Dharma, and when non-Buddhists explain natural phenomena, the term law is used. In other words, when one substance is combined with another substance by a certain relationship and a new phenomenon occurs, it can be explained that it is created according to a specific law.

 What we can realize here is that the way to make ourselves good must be through studying our own consciousness. Currently, the government continues to advocate for the consciousness reform movement, but the reason it does not work is that not many people know about the problems that actually exist in consciousness. In this country, I know a little bit more, and then you know a little bit about how consciousness is created and how it changes. The purpose of your coming here is to change consciousness.

 What I repeat throughout this time is that once something exists in oneself, it does not easily disappear and tries to exert an influence through continuous activities.

 We are a product of the world. We want to keep showing our abilities to the world. For example, going to the beach to catch mackerel or knocking down a mountain are actions to reveal one's capabilities.

 What once came into existence has life. Like ourselves, everything that exists within ourselves has a life of its own.

 We have our own consciousness formed by numerous existing things. When consciousness encounters something, it is newly changed due to that thing. In other words, there are many life forms in consciousness. Those creatures reveal themselves whenever something happens.

 I plan to explain a few times about 'destiny' starting next week. All the laws that exist in the world are like mathematical formulas. What you need to know first through this time is to know what kind of problems exist in the world by paying attention to things of the world. And then it is to know by what process such problems are created and solved. Then you will be able to control yourself. You judge and trust everything through the things that exist in your consciousness.

 I have met many people so far, but no one in the world has explained the world of law. Scientists are just applying formulas to problems. These formulas are only limited to laws of the natural world.

 We can learn how to create consciousness through natural phenomena, but as I said before, the constant activity of things within ourselves makes it difficult to accept the truth(fact as it is) of things. In other words, accepting the truth is very difficult. It is difficult to accept what exists. It's hard to accept the truth until you are enlightened. Conversely, when you are enlightened, it is difficult to accept falsehood.

 The reason why the number of people showing interest in us is very small compared to what we are doing is because it is difficult for people to accept the truth as it is. There is a meaningful saying from Lao Tzu, a historical figure that fits well with this situation.

 When people hear the truth(law), those who have a low level of consciousness laugh at it or get angry, those who have a middle level of consciousness are dubious, and those who have a high level of consciousness are delighted.

 Where are those who have a high level of consciousness in this era? I don't know. Socrates said when people booed him about this

 “Know yourself.”

 It means that we have to know what we know. Jesus said to the future disciple who was ignorant of the truth and who said that he would follow after the funeral of his dead father.

 “Leave the dead to the dead, and the living follow the living.”

 Buddha Shakyamuni left these words.

‘People are like the blind with their eyes open.’

 He meant that, because they do not know why existing things came to exist even if they see the things, people are called the blind with their eyes open.

 In fact, the above are in textbooks, so many people who have received formal education will already be familiar with them. Nevertheless, the reason why no one wants to hear about the things that exist in the law, and even if they hear it, they do not easily understand it is because, as mentioned above, humans are moved by what exists within themselves or by the force or impulse of what has happened to them. For that reason, when people encounter things which do not exist inside them, they do not try to accept them. This can be easily verified through a simple experiment.

 The reason why the truth has not been widely spread today is that people have not abandoned their karma and have not accepted the truth.

 You might think that religious people and philosophers are doing a lot of research on these things. But you should never see it that way.

 Recently, there is something I have seen and felt about many things that exist among people. The truth that when a viper drinks water, the water becomes poison, and when a deer drinks it, the water becomes an antler fits so well in the following case. If a person with karma studies without attaining enlightenment, that study turns into poison. In that person, that study is degenerated and becomes poison.

 Now, why does the water which the poisonous snake drinks turn into poison? This is because water is changed into poison by the organs of poisonous snakes. Why does the water deer drink turn into antler? The nature of the water is changed by the organs of the deer's body to become an antler. So, even the same thing can be a treasure or a weapon depending on who has it.

 One of the questions we face when we try to understand the world is why people have a hard time accepting the good. The answer is that accepting good things is so hard for people who haven't done good things.

 So what I teach and emphasize the most to people as I wander the world is love. love and truth. The words of truth and love are the most spoken. Truth is the law that makes the phenomenal world (the world where phenomena exist) exist, and love is the act of blessing an opponent. When we do something blessed for someone, we are showing great love for that opponent.

 However, you cannot easily know about love. In today's reality, love is used for a relationship between a man and a woman, not any blessing. Of course, there are many examples of parents loving their children and children loving their parents. But that love cannot save the world. There must be a greater love than that. to save the world.

 When I went to Hungary a few years ago and met a world-renowned philosopher named Boyd, I said:

“How did you learn love and how have you taught it? You are so smart.”

“Love is unspeakable.”

 “Then you are one of those who do not yet know love. I am teaching love for the world. The love I teach is to try to make people aware of 'conscience' and 'justice'. I do this because conscience is the way to light a human being and justice is the way to light the world. If you live in a bright world with a bright mind, what greater blessing can there be in human life than this? I am practicing love for all people in the world.”

 It is not such a great love to feed those who do not work by giving them bread and money. It is an act for showing off. It is to show off that people themselves have more compassion and humanity than others. Such people may or may not do such actions according to their needs. Most of the people we are deceived or harmed the most in our lives are hypocrites. They always smile like good people and talk like they're honest, but if you look under the hood, you'll find a very sinister and terrifying side.

When a blessing occurs to the other person, that blessing is love. Then, where should we see that blessing? That's what you should see in the results.

 No matter how hard you try, if you can't get a result that is a blessing, it's a failed love. If your efforts only create a false phenomenon, that is, a false reality, your efforts become false love.

 In this country, there are many failed and misguided loves, but true love is hard to see. The world is dark, so debates on who is right and who is wrong is constantly happening. This is because there have been no teachings about good love. To solve this very problem, we have to attend this place.

 It is said that world-renowned university professors and scholars are great, but what they say shows a great difference from what we do here.

 A few days ago, I listened to a Japanese lecture. He said that while running a brewery, he developed a purification method using microorganisms. In order to brew alcohol, it is necessary to breed microorganisms. But the important thing is that he graduated from Tokyo University of Agriculture and received a world-class doctorate. Why are protons and molecules necessary in the explanation of the telephony method? He explained for a long time about protons, hydrogen, and molecules. To study microbes, you don't really need protons or molecules or hydrogen or anything like that. I had been talking about such nonsense for three hours, but people who claimed to be me came early and just listened quietly. I was frustrated and couldn't sit still and listen, so I went back and forth several times. The important thing is that you don't have to listen to anything you hear that doesn't help you.

There are people who protest with me, saying.

"Why are you the best and we are not?"

 When I explain what exists I always do it on basis of a principle. A principle here is like a formula in mathematics. The formula explains things as they are.

 Others are not such. That is, there is no formula in their words. If a word has no formula, it becomes an ideal. That is unattainable in reality. What exists only in dreams is ideal, and what can be obtained in reality is reality. The saying that you can actually get something in reality, not in the ideal, becomes a realistic philosophy. If reality is revealed, it is reality philosophy.

 All the philosophies that exist in the world today are ideal philosophies. In Ideal Philosophy, there is no need for formulas to teach ideal things. In other words, it doesn't need the truth(a fact as it is). There is no need for confirmation of the veracity of any words. There is no need for formulas for what you say when you do not know whether or not what you say will come true in reality.

 In fact, it is not easy to speak in front of people once you know the things about the formula. It is because you have concerns about whether you won't make a mistake.

 I travel a lot. I plan to give lectures at three universities, Cambridge, Imperial, and Oxford, in the upcoming month of January. And in February or March, I will go to Tokyo University, Waseda University, and Geo University to explain in front of many people the things that actually make mankind exist and the laws that make those things happen.

 When others try to explain these subjects, they read a lot of books. Yes, they read a lot of books. That's true. They also need to practice a lot. But I don't read books at all. How can I read a book and talk about things of the world? I just look at the world and say. This is the difference between me and other people.

 I had a meeting 15 days ago at IIT University in India. There, the students were more sober than the professors. The professors dozed off after hearing the words of truth, but the students tried to listen while asking questions with their eyes wide open.

 I thought India's IIT University was not well known, but the other day, a Korean newspaper introduced India's IIT universities. According to the article, IIT University has state-of-the-art facilities and top-notch faculty in the United States. It is said that excellent talents comparable to MIT Engineering College, which the United States is proud of, are being produced. Each year, about 300 graduates find employment in the United States.

 So when I went there, there were people who would listen.

 "Ah! If such a person is visiting here, we should have a meeting right away.” This is how the meeting is arranged. The important thing is not that professors can accept the truth because they know a lot, but that people who are mentally superior can accept it.

 The important thing is that if you don't see what exists, you can't know the reason of the formula. It's important to know the numbers first. Knowing the numbers and formulas allows you to identify problems and solve them. The truthful answer to a problem refers to the result of seeing what exists, and we say that this is a truthful teaching or truthful answer.

 How can I say many things in accordance with the reason of the world without making mistakes without studying? It's because I know the numbers and how the world works. If you put it on the reason of the world, the answer is already there.

 Many people consult with me. But in their eyes, there are times when it seems like my words are right or not. I never see my words wrong. However, there are some things that I have found out by looking at exceptional things.

‘Things that exist outside of the principles are possible according to the logic of power.’

 The logic of power means that the forces that dominate the social environment can make a lie seem real.

 Things that exist outside of principle always have problems. In some cases, these problems can cause enormous damage to people and society.

 If you know these things, you can see the future, past, present, and everything in the world only with formulas.

 When you come here, the most important thing you should think about is getting out of ignorance. What is ignorance?

 Last Sunday I came back and met two people here who seemed to be a married couple. The woman seemed to know lots of things. However, when asked about facts, she could not answer. The woman was studying without principles. If you study without principles, you can do construction work that overturns the whole world. You can even say that you have ripped open the sky and the earth and become the Jade Emperor. It is an ideal. What I am saying is that if you are a person who can go to heaven and become God, then when you are on earth, you should be able to make the whole world buzz. In order to be God, must the seed be  good accordingly, isn't it?

 Even if only beings called heroes appear in the world, they show superior strength and abilities than ordinary people. However, how could the being who is the best in the world of gods and humans be able to show an inferior appearance?

 In an ideal world, dragons can be made from ants, and dragons can die from being bitten by chickens. But in reality it is not. A chicken can never kill a leopard.

 In reality, you need to know reality. In reality, you have to learn reality. Why? If you know the things that exist in reality, you can solve all the problems you have. What happens when you learn what is in the real world and enlighten yourself about what you have learned? None of you will go to hell when you die. Is there hell there? I see hell everyday.

 The couple mentioned earlier had many experiences of attending strange religious circles. So they said a lot of ideal words. What we have to study here is to let gods live in the world of gods, and humans must live in the world of humans.

 There has been a saying like this since ancient times. Nothing goes well when the living and the dead are together. As the dead keep tormenting the living, the living fall into agony. Why are they holding ancestral rites every evening and asking for the dead? It shouldn't be. If you go to the religious system, there are many cases that recommend that you go to the ancestral rites. In many religions, people are earning a lot of money by holding ancestral rites for their ancestors.

 You know what reincarnation is, don’t you? Reincarnation means coming back again. However, only those who are ignorant and have great attachment do not reincarnate and stay in the human world, inflicting all sorts of suffering on humans and suffering themselves. And where on earth is the guarantee that those ignorant ghosts are their ancestors? Just because a theater actor in his mid-twenties wears a beard, wears armor, carries a spear, and rides on horseback in front of Khitan soldiers doesn't mean he is Kang Gam-chan. He just pretended to be Kang Gam-chan as an actor.

 If ghosts came disguised as your ancestors, how can you believe that they are the spirits of your ancestors when you can't even see them? Isn't it? That's a really strange thing. It is an insult to ancestors. You don't need an ancestor like that. why? Since there is no need for ancestors to harass their descendants, we have to tell them that we will not do ancestral rites. Even if I die, I won't do it. If the ancestors try to bully the descendants like that, then such ancestors must be killed.

 So what I want to say is that it is very important for you to study not to be deceived in reality, to study to wake yourself up in reality.

 Once captured by a god, that person always lives under the control of that god. Actually, he/she cannot be happy, and the family cannot be harmonious. He/She never knows when they might make a mistake. This is what we have to learn to solve these problems.

 Numerous things that have happened to you accumulate and pile up to form your spiritual body. The things that are affecting you in your spiritual body continue to affect you. If its power is strong, it does not accept anything good. If the bad power is strong, it's like not accepting the good. If your energy is dark, you don't accept bright things, and if your energy is bright, you try not to accept dark things.

 Darkness does not want to come where there is light. Because when darkness collides with light, it breaks and dies. Light does not try to go where there is darkness. Because if it gets stuck in the dark, it dies. Likewise, this characteristic also exists in human consciousness.

 Before I became enlightened, it was very difficult for me to control myself, but after I became enlightened, this became very easy. In my house, we never hold ancestral rites or pray to God and ask for help. I do not allow our family members to do such ignorant things.

 The important thing is to always stay alert and work hard at what you do. You guys haven't seen me work in the field. When I work, I stick to the site. Workers say:

“Please go to the coffee shop boss and play. We'll finish the good job well. If the boss sticks around here...”

 “Look! how do I believe that? Without me, if your back hurts, straighten your back and work after a while. If you do this, time will run out and you will lose money.”

That's why I stay by the workers' side. And I always emphasize that when working, even if it's a little slow, do it safely. There can always be accidents.

 All the ways exist in reality. Anything exists in the world. Things that have not appeared so far only mean that we have not found them.

 I've said it before, but I'll say the same thing again this time. In mathematics, if you know the numbers, you can use them to create infinitely many problems. The truth is like this. When existing things are combined with other things, new phenomena appear. If we make another new material, another phenomenon appears from it, and in this way, we grow old and die while making new material and phenomenon. We die knowing only a fraction of the things of the world. Even if you die knowing only a part of it, that is, even if you die knowing only a part of the principles that exist in the things that make the world work, you can avoid becoming a pitiful ghost and harassing others by wandering around. It is because you are reincarnated. Furthermore, you can go to the world of eternal life or the 4th dimension, that is, the world of the highest dimension.

 Why do all kinds of phenomena exist in the world? It is because there is a law in our world. In this law, there are causes that create all kinds of phenomena. That is causality. All things can exist through causality.

 Why should you learn here? It is to build a good causality. You can learn and enlighten yourself, build a good causality, and promise your endlessly bright future. You must be able to understand things of the world if you are to do the work of bringing into being an endlessly bright future. You have to come here and learn in order to be able to meet a good causality by understanding the world.

 I'll take some questions. If I talk alone for a long time, some people get headaches. I was planning to talk for about 20 minutes and take questions, but as I was talking, it took too much time.

Jeong Hoeshim: “I will ask a question first. This question is from students and professors at MIT University. At that time, Tathagata couldn't answer all of them, so I said that I would ask questions during the Dharma meeting. The first question is what is the difference between truth(as a law) and facts.”

 That's a really good question, but you ask it when you don't know. What is the difference between truth(as a law) and facts? There is truth within facts, and facts within truth. Different expressions but the same meaning. These are words with homogeneity. homogeneity. Same thing. You can see truth(as a law) in facts, and you can see facts in truth(as a law). Facts are proven through truth, and truth can be seen through the relationship of facts. This kind of explanation should be explained directly in front of them, but if they hear it through writing, they may not understand the explanation well.

 Jeong Hoishim: What are the definitions of god and spirit?

 They really ask questions in a difficult way. The root of god is spirit, and the fruit of spirit is god. it is not so? The spirit is created through the activities of our consciousness, and the spirit created becomes a god, so it can be said that the root of God is the spirit. This, like the case of fact and truth mentioned before, can be said to have a relationship of homogeneity linked to each other.

Jeong Howshim: There are too many questions.

 Even if there are many, ask them all. Other people can also ask questions. You must learn through what exists.

Attendee: Let me ask you a question. You said earlier that there is hell. By saying that there is hell, are you referring to the bad things experienced in reality or the so-called hell after death?

 People who have led a dissolute life in the world, people who lived only by telling lies, or heinous criminals go to hell when they die. When people's will is weak, they do many wrong things. When the weak-willed die, they are haunted by illusions. A vision refers to seeing phenomena such as falling into a den full of snakes or falling into a pit of fire. I haven't been to hell, so I don't know much about hell, Hahahahaha. I am a person who has never been to hell because I only lived in the world of paradise.

 By the way while this fantasy world exists, there is also a world of gods. I think I've seen one sometime. A few years ago, I had a fight with the gods over something. I saw the world of gods back then. It's just like the human world. They had an organization, and I saw a chain of command in which the strong controlled the weak. God's world is divided into several parts. And there are also those that drift away from them.

 The word hell refers to being immersed in pain and attachment and unable to escape. It is very difficult for most souls who have passed through this hell to return to the human world. Only when there is enlightenment can one return to the human world, but without the cause of enlightenment within oneself, enlightenment is absolutely impossible. If a human being can be easily enlightened, why don't enlightened people appear in this world? It's not easily enlightened. For that reason, it can be said that there are many cases in which souls who pass through hell cannot be reincarnated as humans.

 Then why does such a thing exist? A certain energy body roams the world and meets and becomes mixed with some substance to be born as a new life form. In order for that energy to be born as a human being, it must have quite strong power. When that power is lost, its energy falls below the human realm. You could say it could fall into the animal world. However, 100% of those who have attained good consciousness through life return to the human world.

 Kang Ha-neul: You said that people's fundamentals are different. If they go back several lifetimes, is the first fundamental born differently?”

 When I looked at the process of creating a substance, there were cases where a certain energy body collided with and combined with a substance due to the activities of the world, and the combination was born into a living being. At this time, the fundamental is greatly influenced by the factors that were in the process of creating the phenomenon, but it is most affected by the things in the energy and matter itself.

 Without enlightenment, what has been handed down from the past continues to act within you, and because of that activity you are created again, and you continue to orbit the same orbit.

 Orbit correction is possible when there is a special causality. You all came here because of a causality. You hear about new facts here, and you think they have some legitimacy, so you come back here to double check them. As you repeat this process, enlightenment may come to you as well. Once you are enlightened, you can break out of the cycle that has been driving you over and over again. Not only will you get out of it, but you will be able to steer the cycle yourself. It is not commanded by what exists in you, but because your awakened consciousness controls the cycle, from then on you can repress what exists in your consciousness. During this time, you will continue to experience great changes.

 It means putting down karma and accepting new things. When you accept something new and that new thing has great power, you do new things. In the process of doing something new, you can kill the karma latent within you. You can be born as a new person like this.

This kind of activity is only possible when you are alive, that is, in the world of life. Consciousness can only be changed through vital activity, so if there is no life, consciousness can never be changed.

 Jeong Hoe-shim: This is a question from an MIT University student. What kind of world exists after death?

 After death, there are four dimensions: 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th dimensions. Dimensions set in this world may differ from dimensions set in other worlds. It is determined by what the standard of setting was.

 The first dimension refers to the state in which people who have lived recklessly and died without enlightenment remain in the human world, tied to their attachments or grudge, without being reincarnated. These people either cling to other people's bodies or they suffer a lot. A little while after death is very relaxing. After some time, when the body is buried, they know that they are dead. However, they are caught in the world because of their attachment to the things they have accumulated or the luxurious life they have enjoyed.

 The second dimension refers to the process that people are reborn again as all their consciousness disappears at the same time as death. This is called reincarnation

 The third dimension refers to a world where you can stay for hundreds of years in a state similar to a quiet dream. It is also called the world of eternal life.

The 4th dimension refers to a world where you can study new worlds and protect yourself for a very long time while staying in a state where you feel alive but without any pain or attachment. There are gods with great wisdom who have attained enlightenment or nirvana and have a very clear mind and consciousness without attachment or grudge.

 I said this a lot when I traveled to India, but when I got enlightened and walked the path of enlightenment, my wife became totally disappointed and has been saying this often while sighing for over 5 years.

 “Why did such a smart man end up like that?”

 And all the people who followed me, who regarded me as an idol, shut their mouths and turned away. So, the road to paradise is that only I exist. There is not a single ant on the road.

 I was so lonely that if I decided to enlighten people and sat in the underpass at Sejong-ro intersection, all those people avoided me. The people who came were the ward office enforcement team.

 “What are you doing here?”

 “I want to enlighten people here.”

 When I said that, they said I couldn't do it there and told me to go somewhere else. I moved to a few places, but everyone kicked me out saying no to their area. How many people pass in front of Pagoda Park? So, if I lay down a seat and sit there pretending not to know, that many people will go elsewhere. You have to stare at distant mountains while drinking dust alone. It is true that there was no one on that road because I asked people to go on a good road together after gaining enlightenment.

 How difficult and hard is it to get good things? Once you get something good, it will exist forever within you. It's a good thing, but it's very difficult and hard until you get it. It is because no one can live without karma. The karma you have built makes you not feel like colliding with the world. It is because you will break yourself if you collide with the world. So, I am the only one who is broken every day while wandering around alone to enlighten others.

 I once visited a temple in the mountains to enlighten monks there without having lunch. I was well-dressed, so perhaps thinking I had brought some cash, a monk invited me to his room and served me rice cakes and fruit. I was hungry, but I asked the monk questions, holding back my hand trying to go out for rice cakes.

 “Monk, if there is a monk studying here, please introduce him.”

 “Why are you doing that?”

 “It’s because I attained enlightenment, so I have a few words to tell you.”

 The monk took up the table without saying a word and tried to leave. I was starving to the point of death, so when he took the table and left, I quickly asked him why.

“Everyone is busy so no one listens to someone like you.”

 Having said that, he took the table and left. There were very few people who wanted to go the good way.

 I recently visited Thailand and confirmed this. I don't know how Korean Buddhism is, but most of foreign Buddhism was ghost Buddhism. By serving ghosts, Buddha was being promoted as a commodity, and there was no true Buddha. Buddha is a commodity, and all the teachings in those places are the voices of demons. If Buddha taught, why aren't people enlightened? Those places were making people ignorant with nonsense. Now, let's take the next question.

 Attendee: “You seem to view reading books negatively. Are we accumulating karma by reading books?”

 The act of reading a book does not build karma. It is a matter of which book to read. If a poisonous snake eats water, it makes poison, and if a deer drinks water, it makes antler, while humans can get better or worse depending on what kind of food they eat.

 Drugs like opium feel good the first time you take them. If you get hit a second time, your strength will overflow. If you keep getting hit like that and become addicted to it, you become a slave to opium. From then on, your body and mind will be damaged, and you will become the one who falls behind in human society. But when it comes to restorative medicines, the more you eat, the more you become to hate to eat. If you keep eating restorative medicine, you get tired of it and you don't want to eat it. The only difference is this.

 Depending on which book you read, it can be helpful or negative in your life. If you read things like ideal sayings or teachings from demons, it will be a minus to you, but if you read a book that contains information about how to farm or a skill necessary for living, it will not be a minus to your life. It’s good. 

 For example, reading a book on car maintenance will help you take action when something goes wrong with your car. However, no matter how much you read a book that describes Hong Gil-dong's fantastic appearances, it is not very informative. You can feel good when you read such books. When Hong Gil-dong flies off and cuts off the heads of corrupted officials, the inside feels refreshed. However, no matter how much you read such books, you will not be of much help to yourself. It matters what kinds of books you read.

 Here we are publishing ‘Nature’s Teachings’. In fact, we see a loss of 3 million won per month. However, because it can help the world, we are publishing it despite the deficit.

 The important matter is that people don't see this kind of thing as such a big deal. If you read the book roughly, it just seems that way, but if you look closely, it's different. It clearly documents what exists. It states obviously how something happened or someone said what. This is very important. It is because similar things can happen in our society.

 If you read the book and keep the contents in your consciousness, you will not be fooled by lies. It is also a blessing not to be deceived by others. That's why the book is good. Articles that are ambiguous in fact are of no great help to human society. How do you reform your consciousness? Consciousness may change only when people are awakened through some factual relationship.

 I emphasize again that what book you read is important. For example, books about ‘ki(氣, energy)’ or ‘Dan(丹)’, or books that contain the contents of a person’s brain being broken after chanting a certain spell, are very dangerous. There are so many people who read such books and suffer from being possessed by demons.

 There are many people who come to me and ask me to get rid of demons. To be honest, once a ghost sticks to people, it's hard to make them off. I warn you that you can fall into a trap if you read the wrong book and recklessly practice the contents of the book.

 This kind of thing exists a lot in our society. When a certain pose or a certain incantation is read, a whirlwind blows and the gods enter the body. So don't read strange books. Practical books, i.e. books that reveal real problems, are good books, but don't read books that are dope or weird. When you buy books, it is good to be wary of books made by religious groups or strange groups. It is because you can't see what's good and what's bad.

 When someone like me reads a book, I know what kind of book it is. I know right away whether it was written by a ghost or a person. If it was written by a human, there is something related to reality, whereas if it was written by a ghost, there is something out of reality. It means dragging people into an ideal.

 Books written by demons lead people into darkness, and books written by proper people lead people into light. It is helpful to read technical books or similar books, but I warn you that it is very dangerous to read books that contain contents such as philosophy, 'Tao(道)' or 'Ki(氣, Energy)' without knowing it.

 The evening 2 days ago, or the evening before, a Japanese person came and said,

 “People don’t lose weight even if they don’t drink water or eat anything for a month.”

 Like urinating or sweating, when water is lost from the body, the weight is supposed to drop. I was stunned to hear that. If the body had been frozen for a month, it would be possible.

 The answer to the question of how such a thing is possible is that such a thing is possible if you drink ‘ki(氣, Energy)’. If possible, I would like to teach it to the people of our country. If people are taught that, they don't have to worry about food even if there is a food shortage in the future. They don't even have to work.

 A so-called doctor said that, but many ignorant Koreans came to hear that. Even the director of the city hall or the former chairman of the city council came and listened. This is our reality.

 When someone says something out of common sense, you need to verify it. If you ask if it has been verified by a specific national institution, the person's answer will be different.

 When I first visited Seoul after the enlightenment, a man came to me and said,

 “You have good teachings, too. Let’s join us.” So I asked.

 “What do you do?”

"Ah! We worship Master Kang Jeungsan.”

 “What did Master Kang Jeung-san do?”

 “The master did the work of heaven and earth while he was alive”.

 “How did you do the construction of heaven and earth?”

 “The master held the sun for half a day.”

 “Hey man, if the Earth’s rotation stops even for a second, the whole world will go into chaos.

He was much better than me. I can't even stop the hands of a wrist watch for a second, but it's amazing that he stopped the sun for half a day. By the way, was there anyone who confirmed that?”

 “Yes, there was.”



 “Many people confirmed that.”

 “Who were all those people? Since the Tokyo University Observatory was there even a hundred years ago, is there any evidence that it confirmed the Sun’s stop? Is there any record of a town official in the Joseon Dynasty filing an appeal to the king about the fact? Or did the Chinese astronomers see? Did anybody in Great Britain see it?”

 Since there is only one sun, if the sun had not moved for half a day, the whole world would have turned upside down. No matter how much we read history books, there is no fact that the sun didn't move in the sky for half a day. It was so strange that I asked a question again.

 “What kind of people saw it? You people who believe in the Tao saw it, right? Did it come out of their mouths?”


 “Ah, these people! Don't tell me about your dreams. I am a person who reveals reality, but what if you ask me to reveal your dreams?”

 I said that and ended the conversation. The important problem is that people who are deceived even after hearing these words are common in this country.

 ‘Don’t believe anything that is out of reality.’ This is the correct answer. Since the world exists according to a principle, if somebody claims that something happened, you must ask exactly why it happened. Just like in mathematics, you have to ask the question exactly, and you have to ask exactly what kind of problem the answer came from. If you know the answer, you will also know what is in the process. You should try to explain it. They don't know those things.

 “Are you kidding me? You are trying to tell me something that you don’t even know. What kind of person do you think I am?”

 You can ask for it in this way, can’t you? That's it. So, don't believe when someone says something out of principle.'

 Question? I'm not going anywhere until mid-January and I'll be here. We still have several weeks left, so come up with a lot of questions.

Today’s meeting ends here.

Thank you.


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