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Chapter 1 . Dearest Wish

There was no place to dedicate conscience and courage again

In front of the man who has lived in the suffering.

Because of love toward the fatherland,

The solitary song of the man who had to walk along a lonely path passed by

burning his young heart.

The Poem dedicated to Two Statues of Goddesses

The whispers are more beautiful

Than your appearance.

Indeed, for freedom

The soul dedicated to justice!

You are breathing, in a brilliant culture

And attracting our attention passing by.

The dream that you hope to live peacefully

Makes you much more beautiful and brillant.




Let me dream

Of peace and love tonight.

Angels sang a song for us,

Human beings built the dream of heaven,

All of us became the savior of the world,

Let me dream such a dream.



There is a favor in the world

And its meaning is profound.

For others, I

Burn my heart,

So my mind shines.

Harmony of heaven and earth being strictly clear,

In‐Yeon of individuals differs respectively.

When I see the heavy burden by myself,

It feels like all of the world’s sins are mine.

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