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Chapter 5. Traveler

Heaven made me burdened.

Nobody could bear that burden instead of me.

So I had to wander about the world again.



I am a traveler,

A traveler who shoulders,

A traveler who bears

A brilliantly shining treasure pack.

I am a traveler,

A traveler who shoulders,

Who bears a treasure pack

Visiting from far, far away.

I am a traveler,

A traveler who shoulders,

A traveler who bears a treasure pack

Going and looking for a lonely lover.

I am a traveler,

A traveler who shoulers,

A traveler who visit the world

To look for its owner.


Way of enlightenment

When I go beyond my mind,

There is a world.

When I go beyond the world,

There is the heaven and the earth.

Who is there?

In the vast sky and earth.

Only what is the emptiest of all

Is a mind with no mind.


Buddha who has come to the world

The pure mind is like a mirror,

The five desires have left the body.

The world is like a picture in a dream, however,

There is no friend in heaven nor on the ground.



The timespan of a day is too dreadful;

The timespan of a year is in vain.

For whom

Am I aware of things of life which is full of agony?

With sorry happenings under my eyes,

Today, having no place to go

makes me burn my sorry mind.


True man

In my mind,

There is fairness and justice

And courage

That has loved the world.

And I have no place to say them,

So I am strolling

In my lonely mind alone everyday.

I am not Nietzsche,

I am not Jesus,

And I am not Socrates.

When my body wanted to desert suffering,

Only my precious mind

Knew the meaning of heaven,

And made me live a lonely time.



Having burned the heart over and over again,

The world made me see the mind.

All the meanings of heaven and earth are shining

In the place where there is no anguish nor fantasy.


The road of the world, coming and going through

The place where burdens are shouldered and un‐shouldered.

The entire long way of destiny

Also lies in me.

Stupidity becomes a burden,

The bright mind becomes a meaning,

So the entire life of humanity

Is like a dream of summer night.

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