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Chapter 4. Sound of heaven

A new world appeared in my calm mind.

I saw myself,

who had neither anguish nor fantasy.

In my lonely heart,

the sound of heaven was heard.

Blessing 1

All the things in the world are teachers.

I meet each one

To find that meeting and separating have teachings.

All the creatures have favors

And pleasure lies in me,

So blessing is like farming

In keeping and practicing.


Meaning of heaven and earth

The meaning of bringing me up humbly

Led me to dedicate myself to the world,

The meaning of making me live with a lonely mind

Let me know the great meaning of heaven.

Looking over the time of eternity,

The blessings helped me forget ordeals.


Cause and effect

Mind makes world;

World makes mind.

I am the master of the world

The world is my teacher.

When I and the world meet each other,

It lets me know the past and the future.


Good deeds 1 (The essence of Buddha)

Conscience must be like a high mountain

And courage must reach heaven.

Accordingly as I go over and over a mind of suffering,

A single beautiful mind blooms in the world.


Sound of heaven

If you know the truth, you will be all alone;

If you speak the truth, you will be under a curse.


Virtue 1



And favor.

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