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Chapter 2. Forgotten Time

Where should I meet the true world?

I did not have the place to ask it.

I would rather have wished

The dark time was a dream.


House of illusion

There is not he.

But there exists only his name.

There is no truth

But there exists only its sound.

Having built a house of illusion,

A man who invited the blind.

There is hidden disaster

In the stagnant water.

The words that told me to abandon justice

I am very upset now.

It happened this morning.

My wife told me to forget everything.

But I could not forget a single word.


Evil In‐Yeon


Human beings!

Do not make me speak of

Courage and truth now.

Too exhausted to wait,

I became another person.

Getting away from a god of destiny

That is building an evil In‐Yeon,

I am hiding myself in the crowd of open‐eyed blind people,

Even though you happen to see me now,

Do not say that you know me.


Bigger than the shout of the Jews

And stronger than the rage of the German people.

Those who have built an evil In‐Yeon and dance!

Do you know the secret of the mirage?



Having heard the sound of time

That drove away darkness of the pitch‐black night,

Somebody dreams of a poet.



As if the fire of the heart went out,

The song of destiny is heard in the dark world.



Deep night!

Now I close my eyes

And try to sleep,

Do not wake up

Despair in my mind.

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