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Writing On Palm


Doseong, Lee

Although an enlightened being has spoken of things of the world he saw,

nobody has listened carefully to him.

It is because the things of the world he sees are very different from the things of the world ordinary people think about.


Seeing the difference in eyesight between ordinary people and him, the enlightened being said.


“Touching an elephant, the blind have different reactions respectively. They say

‘It’s like a thick rope’,

‘It’s like a bed’,

‘It’s like pot-bellied pottery’,

‘It’s like a silo’,

‘It’s like a winnower which winnows grains’,

or ‘It’s like a long think mooli’.


I opened my eyes thanks to the enlightenment

and you are like the blind.

Ordinary people speak, adding their own thoughts to what they heard and learned

but I see what exists and speak of it as it is.”

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