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Correspondant's Report

​  The contents of this report is a transcript of the lecture which was held at the hall of Brent Indian Association in London on 5th of December, 1992. The speaker was a middle-aged Korean gentleman and the audience were Indian-British and British. The questions and answers were edited.


In Brent Indian Association, London, UK


 Dear brothers,

 I am very happy to have the chance to talk with you today.

 I have been traveling endlessly for the way of mankind, and

 I have come to this place for the hope of human beings.

 I can’t speak English.

 I can’t speak Hindi, either. However, I will do my best for this time with you.

 Mankind is confronted with a very dangerous thing now and in the near future this mankind will finish its destiny. However, you don’t have to be afraid. This thing existed in the past world and will exist in the future world. The choice will be yours. Those who don’t abandon themselves will obtain eternal oneself but those who abandon themselves will lose oneself forever.

 The creative efforts of today’s human beings have achieved all kinds of material civilization. However, nobody knows what this period has given to you and what it has made you lose. I feel really sorry about the fact.

Before getting to the main issue, I would like you to keep a few things in mind. During this talk, you will be disappointed or might be disappointed in me. Such phenomenon appears because what exists in your consciousness is distant from my words.

 For example, if a famous singer comes to a certain place, legions of people will gather in the place.

If a famous actor comes to a movie theater people will pay money for entering the theater. However, if people hear the greatest teacher who enlightens them has come to a certain place, nobody wants to come to the place.

 Hence, I couldn’t introduce myself to you before I came to this place. And I don’t get anything ready for what I have to talk to you about.

 I haven’t come here to give my words to you but have come to listen to your problems and solve them and to inform you of truths you are unaware of.

 I hope that this time will be useful to you and I can have an eternal relationship with you.

 I earnestly hope that my life will be able to be helpful to you, your neighbors and all the people in the world.

 Today, you can make me the greatest teacher in the world or a lousy person. Your questions will determine which side I will be on. From now on, I would like to have your questions.

Q: Most of the participants believe in Hinduism and also believe that there is the previous life and the next life. How can we remove the pains we suffer from in the present life?

A: All the answers exist in phenomena. Although people see the world of phenomenon, they can’t see what exists in phenomena. Without enlightenment, it’s hard to get rid of unhappy causes which exist in their destiny.

 For example, given a fruit, if you look into how what exists in the fruit appears and changes you will be able to find the answer. Most people have problems due to what happened in the past. Otherwise, other people meet problems in their reality. If you can listen to what is, see what is, and understand what is, you will know how you can solve your problems spontaneously.

 I can explain about it in detail, drawing a picture about it. However, although you listen to my explanations, you can’t understand it with your present consciousness. If you take in truth and the false knowledge you have in yourself becomes extinct, anybody can understand it.


Q: You mentioned the period of change in the world. There are lots of teachings about the period of change and lots of lectures on it but they don’t have any practical effects on people. If you provide anything concerned with the period, there will be changes in our life.


A: The destiny of mankind must not be prevented and can’t, either. Just one thing, the way to survive the period of change is to enlighten yourself about the existing truth. What I say must be difficult for you to understand but it is true.

 All phenomena are made by law. And the law appears due to the phenomena. Human beings repeat to be born and die due to the existence of the energy of consciousness. Through your life and your wise activities, you can make your consciousness the eternal origin of life or the best origin of life.

 If you think my answer isn’t enough, please ask further questions.

Q: You mentioned the difference in the levels of consciousness. I think that only a few people have a high level of consciousness. In order for us to reach the high level of consciousness, what method is necessary?

A: It’s up to you. You are unaware of the truth of the great people in the world. For the past 5000 years, four great people who had the ability to enlighten human consciousness were born in this mankind. However, people contemporary with the four great people didn’t want to listen to their teachings. If you think about the matter deeply, you can understand what I mean.

 The four great people who came for mankind were Gautama Buddha in India, Jesus in Israel, Socrates in Greece, and Laotzu in China. Socrates attained his enlightenment late in his life and did the activities to help people be awakened. However, he failed to gain people and died in a prison by a slander. Although Laotzu attained his enlightenment late in his life, he couldn’t obtain any people and passed away, wandering around. Jesus attained his enlightenment early in his life and tried to enlighten people but he passed away, undergoing an ordeal by the ignorant people. Gautama Buddha in India made efforts to enlighten people for his life long but even he couldn’t meet people and died on the road, while traveling to look for people. If so, who can hear the teachings to bless human beings and to raise the level of human consciousness from whom? The four great people mentioned above came to be known to people in thousands of years after they passed away.

 My enlightenment is perfect. I can say my enlightenment is the best in the world. If anyone wants to learn from me, I can enlighten them on the spot. I don’t know where those who abandon unhappy themselves and want to seek after shining themselves are. That is why I have been wandering around the world.

Q: How can I weaken or tear off the destinies from the previous life?

A: Firstly, you have to enlighten yourself by listening to words of a true person. Secondly, through enlightenment you have to practice love for your neighbors and the world. People are afraid of someone who does right things and run away from the person. As a result, when you do the right things, the mind in your chest burns to get rid of the bad origins in your consciousness.

Q: Does God exist in the world?

A: A god exists. If you can tell me why you want to know about a god, I can explain about it in more detail.


Q: It is because I’m not sure of the existence of God.

A: A god from human consciousness stays in one of the four different dimensions. In case a person attains the best consciousness through life, the person goes to the world of the best god, the fourth dimension. If the consciousness of a human reaches a higher level, lower than the fourth dimension, it stays in the world of eternal life, the third dimension. If one’s consciousness stays in the normal level and hasn’t made any specific grudge, it is born again as soon as the owner of the consciousness dies. This is called the second dimension. If a human doesn’t abandon ignorance and lives in it, the person comes to get a grudge and stays in the world of phenomenon with the feelings of being alive even after death. The fourth dimension is called Heaven and the dimension mentioned finally is called Hell.

 If there is anyone who wants to know more about this matter, through letters or other methods I will give them the explanation with more detailed information which can help them have the full understanding of it.


Q: Why do human beings mistreat animals?


A: I can answer that question after witnessing the scene.

Q: When people die, where do the souls go?

A: I have just explained about it just before. They go different ways respectively according to what they have built in their life.


Q: I am satisfied with your answers. However, most religions don’t acknowledge reincarnation. Which is true?


A: To say what is as it is is true. I have never observed the teachings of the truth in any religion.


Q: If God exists, why do unhappiness and sorrow exist in people? If God exists, why doesn’t God try to remove them?

A: The gods which have the ability stay in the different dimension and the gods which can’t save themselves and hence are unhappy stay around human beings. How can gods help humans? Think about it. It’s not true that gods don’t try to help human beings. The truth is that humans don’t want help from gods. I will tell you a few happenings as examples.

 I had to be born among humans by other gods’ earnest request for the world. I grew up in a much poorer treatment than you can imagine. I was born to a man and a woman who had no property and, what is worse, they died as soon as I was born. Growing up, I experienced all kinds of contempt and persecution. I had to take care of myself after the age of ten. The ordeal in my early age made me live in hunger and cold. However, after I grew up, I succeeded in my life. Then, hundreds of thousands of people followed me. When I was 44 years old, I found that myself, who is true, was born.

 I came to see good things and bad things in all the areas in the world. I have become the one with the ability to help and bless human beings, which nobody has achieved. Since then, people haven’t come to me. The reason why I am here today is to find people. What I can say obviously at this place is that no terrible ordeal I experienced before my enlightenment is harder than the tasks of enlightening people to bless them.

 How do you want gods to bless you? If a farmer doesn’t work and asks gods to do farming, is it possible? The only way that gods can bless you was that they made the greatest one be born to you and enlighten you.

 It isn’t difficult and hard for you to do things with the understanding of them. The gods in the high place always want to bless you. However, humans have rejected it. Are you experiencing it along with me? We have informed lots of your friends of this meeting since several days ago. However, they didn’t come. If I try to make this kind of chance again, some of those who are present today won’t be present.

Q: I have done both good things and bad things. However, I don’t want to repeat it. Can you help me to do it?

A: If you can remove the bad causes in you, you won’t do bad things in your next life. However, if you get rid of good causes, you will do much worse things in the next life than in the present life.

Q: You don’t understand my question properly. I will ask again. I have done both good things and bad things in the previous and present life. However, I don’t want to live my next life.

A: If you ruin your consciousness in this era, you will die forever. Then, you won’t be born again. However, I don’t know why you don’t want to be born again. The world of life is the way where there are the best blessings.

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