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Voice of Nature

◈ The Period of Change means that an era transfers to another era.

◈ It is possible for human beings to save themselves through love.

◈ Nobody has explained about what reasons and situations cause the Period of Change to occur.

◈ Those who save themselves can attain the eternal salvation but those who try to be saved by others can never be saved.

◈ Mankind was created in the activities of the natural world.

◈ How true a person is is different from one person to person. A person with the high level of truth doesn't tell lies but says what exists. A person with the high level of falsehood does in the opposite way.

◈ Knowing the world makes it hard to tell lies.

◈ You have to learn wisdom through what exists.

◈ Enlightenment is necessary. You have to enlighten yourself about the truth of what exists.

◈ In order to help people open their eyes, the explanations 

A ghost only sees phenomena and can’t see the way of what exists.

◈ People are indifferent to what exists.

◈ Teaching what exists means revealing things of the world.

◈ Ignorance is the cause of vice. If you know, you can get away from all the disasters.

◈ You have to set a standard of truth through observing what exists. You have to judge your opponents based on their words, behavior, and activities. Do not rely on what people say but check what exists one by one in detail.

◈ What is important in life is to know rightly what is. In order to properly know what is, you have to have the sufficient understandings of it.

◈ The purpose of our living is to gain a good self. This way can be achieved through teaching.

◈ The criterion for distinguishing Right Way (正道) from Wrong Way (邪道) is teaching. The way with right teaching is Right Way (正道), otherwise, Wrong Way (邪道). The judgment about whether the teaching is right or wrong lies in ‘what exists’.

◈ It is an important thing to reveal the truth of what exists.

◈ The probability that a person can live truthfully in a good environment is relatively higher. But it is too difficult to live truthfully without the teaching of an enlightened being. It is difficult to get results without knowing how to achieve them. Learning what exists through the enlightened being will make you know faster and more clearly.

◈ If you learn certain teaching, you must have exact understanding of the meaning of the teaching.

◈ Those who want to survive have to make efforts as much. It is like, if they learn the art of farming, they should work hard. Otherwise, the skills will be useless.

◈ The way humans preserve themselves is enlightenment. In other words, in order to preserve themselves, they must practice the meanings they learned through enlightenment.

◈ Unless you do what can bless other people, you can’t bless yourself.

◈ No matter how vicious people may be, if they are made to be enlightened, they would not harm others.

◈ When you hear of what exists, you feel like you know it. However, when you are asked about what exists, you can’t answer easily.

◈ Blind people with eyesight, those who are not enlightened, should convey as it is what they hear without distorting it.

◈ If other people believe in your lie, it constitutes deception. In other words, it means that they will suffer losses. Once you tell a lie, it becomes a habit and finally karma. Therefore you’d better not tell a lie.

◈ It is very dangerous to do things without knowing whether they are right or wrong. In other words, if you do so it’s easy to be deceived by swindlers.

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