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Voice of Nature

◈ In a state of not being enlightened, it is impossible to explain what exists as it is.

◈ Unverified facts are being reported indiscriminately through mass media, which causes a great misfortune for society. It is not right to say what you haven’t seen clearly.

◈ Good teaching is teaching what exists.

◈ Trying to being enlightened is for opening eyes to the world.

◈ Human consciousness stores what has happened in the fundamental and the foundation.

◈ Justice refers to the creation of a bright society where no unfairness is suffered by revealing what exists as it is.

◈ Everything makes itself exist through repetitive activities.

◈ When you open your eyes and look at the world, you can see that the world is moving by a single law.

◈ In a society where falsehood prevails over the truth, lots of people are subjected to unfairness.

◈ Falsehood kills a soul.

◈ What appears by the influence of karma is called destiny. 

◈ The best education is to teach and learn what exists. Education in this era, however, makes people parrots by having them memorize knowledge. Wrong teaching ruins the world.

◈ Enlightenment is the vision that enables a human to see what result a certain thing make by what reason.

◈ To make a just society, history must be changed. History can be changed by a hero.

◈ Society does not change if people are not changed.

◈ Good and evil are determined and exist by what exists.

◈ When the truth (the principle) is revealed, everything in the world is revealed.

◈ If humans do not have conscience, they are like animals.

◈ Even Buddha cannot save people who have no causality (因緣).

◈ Life consists of the body and the soul with consciousness.

◈ Enlightenment is the light of life.

◈ Life is the way to save oneself and life can be saved by enlightenment. Saving life means saving the future.

◈ It does not matter whether corporal punishment in school should be used or not. It does matter what criteria on using corporal punishment must be used on what circumstances and how the punishment should be done.

◈ If you hide bad things and put forward good things, the bad things will cause misfortune and the good things will invite danger.

◈ If there is no reincarnation, everything disappears. Your future through reincarnation is determined by what exists in you. If you lose yourself, you cannot return to what you are through reincarnation. Understanding what exists in reincarnation makes a good self.

◈ If you ruin your life, you also ruin your soul.

◈ In order to do good things in the world, you must first know things in the world.

◈ When you do not have the right understanding of the world, humans have attachment and grudge. In the same way, if you have a greater understanding of what exists, you can throw away your attachment and grudge.

◈ When you do something you do not know, learn from someone who knows it and then do it.

◈ The truth (fact) is likened to light and falsehood to darkness.

◈ The body plays a role in helping the consciousness, and the consciousness acts as a driver that controls the body. People make their minds through consciousness and body. In other words, the mind is a phenomenon that occurs when consciousness or the body is active.

◈ Ghosts don't know what exists in the truth (眞理, the law).

◈ Asking an enlightened being what he knows is like asking people with eyesight what they can see.

◈ God cannot show problems about what exists or their solutions. Once people come into contact with ghosts, they become different. People possessed by ghosts even do what they do not know well. It is best for the living to live in their own spirit.

◈ Religion is originally a place to teach humans the way to get a good mind. Modern religions, however, are the places for ‘Shin(神)-Pool-Ee’. ‘Shin(神)-Pool-Ee’ means letting ghosts settle scores for their grudge or resolve their attachment.

◈ A ghost is 'consciousness', an existence, separated from a living creature. A great number of people are being deceived by god. A ghost has bad influences on humans more than good influences. A ghost causes physical pains, confuses the mind, or makes trouble in a family. A ghost can neither save humans nor is helpful to them.

◈ Only a human being makes consciousness through the activity of life.

◈ When people lose themselves through contact with ghosts, they feel they have become comfortable. However, it means that the purpose of their lives has been lost.

◈ If a soul is being caught by grudge and attachment, it is difficult to be reincarnated.

◈ If a ghost is active, it loses the power of its consciousness and may end up being born as an animal or even a plant.

◈ People live without thinking of what is helpful to them. What exists is the source to create new things. There is a big difference in behavior between when you know what is and when you don't know.

◈ Those who can’t see what exists are called the blind with eyesight.

◈ A living organism is sometimes created and sometimes reincarnated.

◈ It is the best virtue to inform people of what exists as it is.

◈ By the time of the end of the world (the Period of Change), humans invite ghosts to kill themselves.

◈ If one tries to bless other people, the one is abandoned by them. Just then it is possible to burn up the karma. Karma can only be burned with the fire of love.

◈ What you should be most careful of is not to accept a ghost.

◈ If you do what exists without knowing it, it will put you in danger. The reason why society is in trouble is that the consciousness of the members is deteriorating.

◈ In this age, the way to keep yourself is not losing yourself.

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