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Voice of Nature

◈ Most of the people in the world want others to deceive them. Those who deceive others are being respected.

◈ In order not to spend life in vain, we must try to enlighten ourselves about what exists.

◈ Make efforts to enlighten yourself.

◈ It is never welcome to reveal what exists. But we must make constant efforts because this is the way for ourselves and humanity.

◈ Attachment makes people live a hard life with a heavy burden. Abandon your attachment and have a wish.

◈ Enlightenment means seeing what exists. It is really difficult for those who are not enlightened to understand what an enlightened being says.

◈ Open your eyes to the world.

◈ Every problem has a countermeasure to solve it.

◈ A good world or a bad world is created by people in the world.

◈ It is important not to be deceived in a dark society.

◈ Accepting truth will brighten your mind and enable you to live a good life.

◈ You can come to know everything through verifying it.

◈ Destiny refers to a thing that what had happened to you was accumulated within you and causes your actions.

◈ People without enlightenment can’t see the problem of what is.

◈ It is really difficult to enlighten yourself unless you meet an enlightened being.

◈ A right question is to present a problem and ask for its solution.

◈ Isn't it ridiculous to ask other people to listen to something that you don’t know?

◈ Unless the karma existing in oneself is removed completely, it is impossible to achieve the supreme enlightenment through emancipation.

◈ Depression, autism, and schizophrenia are mental illnesses which are caused by dead souls entering living humans.

◈ Those who live learning what exists do not have a great grudge or attachment as they die. A soul with a grudge or attachment which is deep feels as if it is still alive even after it is dead.

◈ A soul can be born again as a new living creature only through the death of its consciousness.

◈ Leadership means bringing together the power of people and so achieve an aim. The one with leadership deal with people well. Leadership is management. Judgment and behavior governs management.

◈ What you lack should be supplemented through understanding.

◈ You can change yourself by accepting new consciousness and thereby coming to know.

◈ People are saying answers without problems. The answers without problems are useless.

◈ Judgment, behavior, and character are determined by what exists in the source of consciousness. Leadership arises from what exists in the source of consciousness. Leadership has nothing to do with academic background.

◈ Learn how to work.

◈ Whether consciousness is good or bad is determined by whether the quality of education is good or bad.

◈ If you can see nothing and know nothing through life, your life is meaningless.

◈ Observe yourself. Observe what you are doing.

◈ To know that you do not know is to know that you cannot see what is in existence. Ask yourself what you know.

◈ If you come to know that you don't know, you become as true as you do.

◈ An enlightened being teaches cause and effect.

◈ An enlightened being is like a mirror.

◈ If you know the importance of life, you won’t be able to do what ruins you.

◈ To have become to see what exists means that you have become to live in the world by your own will.

◈ Human consciousness is conditioned by the environment.

◈ Ups and downs and fortunes and misfortunes aren’t what god brings but what oneself does makes.

◈ People have a great negative impact on their society if they have high academic background in the state that they hadn’t enlightened themselves and so have got bad consciousness.

◈ You have to consider important the fact that what happened to you has a great impact on yourself.

◈ Our future exists in our living. You should not try to live a life in a difficult way. If you know the world, things of the world are easy, and if you don’t know the world, things of the world are difficult.

◈ If you continue to listen to, look at, and learn what is, your karma becomes powerless.

◈ Humans have karma and are controlled by it. To win this karma, there must be enlightenment through what is.

◈ There are times when frustration and despair arise when you do not fit reality. You must overcome those hard times with hope, will, and effort.

◈ Just as a person who does not know the numbers can’t solve mathematical problems, a person who is incapable of seeing what exists does not understand problems in the world.

◈ You will not become comfortable by committing suicide because of the hardship of the reality. Although suicide can kill the life of the flesh, the soul is still alive. What is worse, after death, you will experience much more painful things.

◈ Without knowing the truth of a problem, you can’t find the answer.

◈ The teachings of the Buddha were nutritional supplements at that time. However, the teachings have been wrongly preserved, so that they are poison now.

◈ Education is to teach what exists. By knowing what exists, one can overcome one’s karma.

◈ You have to treasure your wealth but should not waste your life on it.

◈ A robber might take away physical life but a religion takes away even the life of a soul.

◈ Falsehood is the enemy of society. If falsehood is successful in a society, the society will perish.

◈ Enlightening people, sitting on the street, involves humiliation and danger.

◈ The poorest person in the world is the person who can’t let the world know the bright mind.

◈ Human consciousness has changed for the worse because of attachment and desires. It does not mean, however, that the world will continue to change for the worse. If a person with good teachings appears and teaches people, the world can become better.

◈ Live looking at the world. Then you will never fail.

◈ The enlightenment taught by an enlightened being is to let people see what exists and see what results what exists makes.

◈ To see a person, you have to see their society and to see a society, you have to see the people in the society.

◈ Be true to the reality.

◈ If people don’t recognize you, you should do something that lets them know.

◈ If you do not identify what exists, you cannot distinguish truth from falsehood.

◈ What can unite the power of the human society? It is the truth.

◈ Words without specific measures are nothing but dreams.

◈ When wisdom does not gain power, the wisdom is only an ideal dream.

◈ Studying is in order to be human and to be helpful to other people.

◈ A human makes the source of their future life through life.

◈ When you come to properly see what exists, you can attain enlightenment little by little.

◈ Indifference to life makes a society more dark and unhappy. There are too many people in our society who refuse to be human beings. People have lost right or wrong of what is.

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