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Voice of Nature

◈ All things in the world of phenomena exist by a single principle.

◈ The world exists by its structure and the activity of the structure.

◈ When the human consciousness deteriorates, the end will come to the human world.

◈ If the energy of life is made to be purified, anybody can reach the eternal life.

◈ If there is anyone who doesn't understand the truth, it's a matter of their consciousness.

◈ It is far better not to see, hear, read, or learn things that do not help.

◈ Although people see what exists, because they do not know why it happened, Shakyamuni Buddha said that people are like the blind with eyesight.

◈ It is hard for those who have never done good things to accept good things.

◈ Before the enlightenment, it's difficult to see truth and after the enlightenment, it's difficult to see falsehood.

◈ It is a good study to awaken yourself in reality.

◈ Darkness is afraid to meet light and vice versa. It is because darkness will be broken to die if it meets light and light will die of being wrapped by darkness if it meets darkness.

◈ If you want to receive hospitable treatment from other people, treat them well first.

◈ If the living and the dead stay together, nothing goes well.

◈ Those who have two units of consciousness(two souls, or a soul and a ghost) show two different types of behavior.

◈ The relationship between facts and the truth: We can see the truth through the relationships of facts and we can see the relationships of facts through the truth.

◈ You have to throw away all the wrong things in yourself so you can learn what is right.

◈ A society which has a certain problem do not take the problem seriously.

◈ People with weak will often commit crimes.

◈ Although the disabled can protect their souls, those whose souls are dominated by other souls can’t protect their souls and eventually ruin even their fundamentals.

◈ The way you preserve yourself is enlightenment and, through the enlightenment, you can practice the meanings you have learned.

◈ Right Way (正道) reveals facts and Wrong Way (邪道) hides facts. Right Way (正道) is always shunned by people.

 It's easy for those who have followed Right Way to fall into Wrong Way but it isn't easy for those who have followed Wrong Way to accept Right Way. For example, it is possible for healthy people to become crippled in an accident but it is really difficult for those who become disabled once to be healthy again.


◈ The most important thing that Buddha wanted to teach through his living was the law of cause and effect. It means that what influence a certain problem has.

◈ Those who have only answers without problems always do useless things.

◈ Only when you are enlightened, you can be helpful to other people.

◈ You must neither deny nor disregard what exists.

◈ Karma is the source of human destiny.

◈ Poison works quickly, but the effects of nutritional supplements do not appear immediately.

◈ If a person with bad destiny becomes the leader of a country, the country will perish.

◈ Life is the source of our existence.

◈ Religions speak answers without problems.

◈ Those who have no karma hurt neither other people nor themselves.

◈ The practice of teaching takes considerable effort.

◈ Each person has a different destiny because the things that existed in their past lives were different.

◈ In order to solve a problem, the purpose, measures, guidelines, and people, which are suitable for the problem, are necessary.

◈ If you realize your faults and reject them, and accept good things through working with the one who has good destiny, you can make a good destiny for yourself.

◈ When people say that they know something or they don't, you must check it.

◈ It is important that we see, understand and know the matters you need to live on.

◈ Those who have deep grudges or attachment in themselves can’t even die comfortably.

◈ Anyone who becomes to know the truth of what exists in the world can change his or her destiny.

◈ All living things and substances are made by causality. According to what kind of causality you accept and what kind of causality is active in you, your destiny to be formed is different.

◈ Good seed (fundamental) and good ground (foundation) bear good fruit.

◈ If another soul enters one’s body, the one loses discernment, becomes sick, and becomes unable to work well.

◈ The source of your destiny is what exists in you.

◈ Nothing in the world can be accomplished only by dreams or idealistic thoughts.

◈ If you want to live well, you have to make the corresponding causes of living well.

◈ An enlightened being sees what exists, the problems in it and the answers they have.

◈ Even if people have experienced the same thing dozens of times, they do not know its causes.

◈ Those who have no enlightenment live in their own desires.

◈ Human essence and foundation can be ascertained through his or her words and actions.

◈ Where hypocrisy exists, there are many people, but where truth exists, people do not gather.

◈ Without enlightenment, it is impossible to change destiny.

◈ The fundamental of good and evil lies in enlightenment.

◈ Those who have wishes try to solve their problems through what exists. Those who have desires try to acquire what they want only relying on their own thoughts and caring neither any means nor any methods.

◈ Humans can get everything through life.

◈ A pure person has conscience and courage. Pure people and fools must be distinguished.

◈ The present life leads to the endless lives in the future.

◈ If you are unaware of what exists, you can’t change your thoughts.

◈ The human souls cannot be born again without abandoning everything in the past.

◈ If people are aware of what is properly, they will not get attachment.

◈ Nutritional supplements are hard to take but narcotics are hard to quit.

◈ The way people do not get a grudge is to know love.

◈ Change attachments to wishes and grudge to love.

◈ It is for oneself to live a good life.

◈ Without right and wrong, a good world will not be made. What people must be taught is right and wrong.

◈ Enlightenment is to suppress karma and behavior of virtue is to burn karma.

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