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Voice of Nature

◈ The law of cause and effect refers to a phenomenon which is created when one thing meets another and it is the truth about how all things in the world come into being. The law of cause and effect is like mathematical formula.

◈ If you are unaware of what exists, your life will be filled with agony.

◈ Fate can be fixed or variable.

◈ Yeo-Rai(如來, Tathagata) is the one who sees what exists in the truth.

◈ A Great Being can be regarded as a completed human being.

◈ Confucius and Mencius were only famous scholars those days. There is no light in Confucius’ teachings. The teachings of Confucianism are rooted in ideals.

◈ ‘Love’ in the Western world is the same as ‘Do’(道, way) in the Eastern world.

◈ If certain words are difficult to believe, you must verify them instead of neither accepting nor rejecting them.

◈ Unless what you have can be helpful to other people, no matter how precious it is, it is useless.

◈ The word, ‘you must produce good fruits’ isn’t helpful at all to those who want to obtain them. What is really helpful is to teach how to attain them.

◈ The evidence of being Great Beings lies in their words, actions, and what they did while living.

◈ To be able to accept the teaching of an enlightened being, a great fundamental is necessary.

◈ We call everything that appears in front of us ‘what is in existence'. We do not know what exists without verifying it. If you watch, listen to, and observe what exists, you become to open your eyes to what exists.

◈ What people in this era must be most careful of is making contacts with ghosts. Contact with ghosts cause self-loss.

◈ Deteriorated truths are equal to poison.

◈ Buddha said, "I haven't said my own words. I haven't said my own thoughts but have said what is." People don't say what is but their thoughts.

◈ Activity of the earth are the origins of all the living things.

◈ A good person is the one who neither tells lies nor harms other people.

◈ Conveying the truth is the way to build up the greatest virtue in the human world.

◈ If you depend on what exists without believing in your thoughts, thoughts in your consciousness becomes extinct.

◈ A phenomenon is a result which takes place from activities of what exists.

◈ It is the activities of the world that make it possible for human beings to exist.

◈ ‘Period of change’ had happened in the past worlds and so will in the present world and in the future worlds.

◈ The world has existed by reincarnation, the principle of repetition.

◈ The world exists not by the will of a god but by the meaning of what exists.

◈ It is easy for a ghost to interfere in what humans do but it is difficult to make it change for the better.

◈ The way to the salvation of oneself is first to open eyes to what exists, to open eyes to the principle in what exists, and finally to inform the world of it.

◈ It isn't such an easy thing to love other people, that is, to bless them.

◈ Karma in consciousness can never be removed without ‘the fire of love’.

◈ Those who are full of ignorance and attachment can never understand what exists, even though they listen to the explanations about it.

◈ Things in the world exist by the principles in activities.

◈ The core of a human being is consciousness.

◈ The role of consciousness is to control activities. Consciousness produces what exists out of you or takes in what happens to you.

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