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Voice of Nature

◈ The truth (law) is the way to make the world exist.

◈ Peace can be attained when conscience stands upright in a just society. In other words, You can obtain peace when you live with a bright mind in a bright world.

◈ Happiness is not temporary satisfaction. Happiness is obtained in the situation where you are neither hungry nor lonely and have a bright mind. Diligence, frugality, and honesty are the way to achieve happiness.

◈ Unless you keep what you have to abide by, you can’t acquire happiness and peace. It is you that make happiness and peace.

◈ In a society where truth and justice are ignored, there are cases where the promise that diligence, frugality, and honesty are the way to happiness is occasionally disregarded.

◈ No matter how good eyesight may be, nothing is visible in the complete darkness.

◈ When what you do leads to rewarding results, you will have delight. Delight lies in you by what you do.

◈ Most people do not care what kinds of things their opponents have done and judge them according to whether they were against their opinions or not.

◈ It is imperative to create an environment where healthy people can work.

◈ Giving food to the poor is not love but acts by sympathy or compassion.

◈ The important thing to think about after reading Carnegie's autobiography is not to be impressed by the book, but to be like him.

◈ Only through promises with truth (way and virtue (道德), law, and promise) can happiness be achieved.

◈ Telling us to love other people is like telling us to fertilize the ground.

◈ Education is necessary for opening eyes to the world.

◈ It is very dangerous to treat patients without diagnosing them.

◈ Buddha said that people are like the blind with eyesight.

◈ Abiding by and practicing are like farming.

◈ People live forgetting about teachings that exist in the truth.

◈ On what criterion can a person be judged to be a Great Being?

◈ Shakyamuni (Gautama Buddha) tried to give great blessings to the human society.

◈ Hypocrites are unaware of love.

◈ People need authority because they are incompetent.

◈ The persecution which Shakyamuni endured was much more than we can imagine.

◈ Jesus was on trial without guilt due to slander and false accusations.

◈ We call them Great Being because they tried to deliver the teaching of the truth and showed people the ways to the human completion.

◈ Although hypocrites enjoyed hospitable treatments as a Great Being while they were alive, they couldn’t after they passed away. Why? It was because they didn’t deliver the teaching of the truth.

◈ The reason why the life of a Great Being is precious to human beings is that they knew the most important things for people and tried to teach them to people.

◈ In order to awaken yourself, you have to confirm and understand what is in existence.

◈ A Great Being have teachings but religions do not.

◈ To abandon your own consciousness and to accept the fundamental of a wise person is the way to bless yourself.

◈ If people had taken advantage of the names of Great Beings and established religions, it is an insult to the Great Beings.

◈ Religions get popular and expand in dark societies.

◈ Lives of Great People were to convey blessings to people through what is in existence.

◈ No humans want to make themselves unhappy. It is their own ignorance that makes them unhappy.

◈ Humans are composed of a body and consciousness. Consciousness is the source of human activity and can also be called themselves. Humans have different consciousness respectively. They are unwilling to accept what doesn’t exist in their consciousness. People cannot accept the truth because they have never experienced it.

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