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Voice of Nature

◈ Making many laws in a society without justice rather makes life hard for people in that society.

◈ The definition of justice: The light which brightens a human society.

◈ In a society where justice exists, people cannot assert their own ideas or what they don’t know.

◈ The difference between acting in the dark of night and acting in the light of day is the same as the difference between living in a society without justice and living in a society where justice exists.

◈ In a society with no justice, there is no right and wrong, so people with abilities cannot exercise the abilities.

◈ What is essential to the survival of human society is justice. Justice can be compared to the source of power which drives a car.

◈ What can you see and learn in a dark society where justice, the light which illuminates the world, has disappeared?

◈ How can we entrust what exists to someone who is unaware of it?

◈ In a country where justice is missing, no one knows conscience and Way-Virtue(道德).

◈ People think that Eastern philosophy is different from Western philosophy.

◈ Love and 道德(way and virtue) are the words which have the same meaning.

◈ 道德(way-virtue) does not exist in a society with no justice.

◈ How can a great person do a great work in a dark society where justice is missing?

◈ Not being able to answer what love is means not knowing love.

◈ Giving the world conscience and justice is love for the world.

◈ Love is to bless the world.

◈ If we have justice, we don’t need law.

◈ Without justice, we cannot reveal what is in existence. This is because nothing can be revealed in the darkness.

◈ Human society can thrive through right human activities. And through justice, the right human activities can be more active.

◈ In most societies today, ethics is taught but 道德(way and virtue) is not.

◈ Without justice, 道德(way and virtue) cannot stand; without 道德(way and virtue), ethics cannot stand.

◈ When humans do not know, human thinking can cause them to do anything. That is, when humans do not know, it causes wrong thinking. The thought is like that of an animal, except that through consciousness it is possible to transform thinking into action.

◈ All the misfortunes in our society today stem from the disappearance of justice.

◈ Reform is required, but without justice, there would be more widespread corruption, corrupt officials, and trickery in the society.

◈ Without enlightenment, justice can’t be established.

◈ True education is giving enlightenment that enables people to see and understand what is in existence.

◈ In order to attain the enlightenment, you must learn love first.

◈ You can bless what exists only when you know what exists.

◈ Answers lie in problems.

◈ Wisdom : eyesight to see things

◈ Knowledge :  accumulated things through learning

◈ There are lots of wrong things in human knowledge.

◈ Competent people are raised but geniuses are from themselves.

◈ Competent people have knowledge but geniuses possess wisdom.

◈ In a society without justice, a ruler is like an absolute God.

◈ A society where the truth doesn’t word and justice is missing is too dangerous.

◈ What we do creates a new world.

◈ One makes the same mistake. There is a fundamental cause for this.

◈ You can change your destiny and the destiny can also be changed.

◈ Reincarnation refers to the phenomenon that everything in the universe makes itself exist through its own activity. Not only human beings but also what exists in humans exists through reincarnation.

◈ What has happened to you can affect not only yourself but also society, the country, and the world.

◈ The reason why one society was able to get a head of other societies is that there was great teaching in that society.

◈ Confucianism taught only questions and answers, excluding processes. The more you learn about Confucianism, the more blind you become.

◈ What exists is the cause of goodness, badness, disaster, and happiness.

◈ A great leader is a hard worker without lying.

◈ A good teacher has good abilities and is bright in reality.

◈ Faith doesn't solve everything. Faith without enlightenment can be harmful.

◈ In order to lead a good life, it is the first thing to know what exists.

◈ If you know what exists, destiny has no power.

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