Voice of Nature

◈ The thing formed by what you did which exists in your origin moves you. This thing in your origin is called karma.



◈ What comes into being in the world once would continue to exist without becoming extinct on its own.

◈ Trying to teach others or solve other people’s problems, not knowing what one is doing, is making karma.

◈ A soul is a gas into which consciousness is input.

◈ When you were newly born, the past memories became extinct but the past activities remain as they were.

◈ If those with big karma hear truths, they come to have repulsion. Those who don’t have big karma become dubious. Those with small karma become delighted.

◈ If you learn for yourself and practice something that can bless others, that is a way not to make karma.

◈ While I was looking into the world of karma, I came to know how important things in reality are.

◈ All the things exist in history and they repeat themselves in it.

◈ Karma itself has attachment. Those who have big karma mostly live long.

◈ The way to be free from karma is to cause good things to come into being in you by making good karma for other people.

◈ It is nearly impossible to build up good karma without enlightenments.

◈ The bigger karma is, the weaker willpower is.

◈ No matter how well you may want to do things, if you make mistakes due to your big karma, you will obtain much bigger karma.

◈ Although people have been taught as much as being sick to do good things, the reason why they cannot do  good things is because of their own karma.

◈ If you feel hatred occurring in you, it is the way to accumulate karma, and if you don’t feel any hatred, it is the way to burn your karma up.

◈ No matter how hard your life may be, you must not do the things that you will regret during the rest of your life.

◈ All things in the world come to in existence through activities.


◈ If karma becomes inactive, it will no longer be in existence.

◈ The words which can enlighten people are the best words.

◈ The objective of our living is to make our hope come true.

◈ Nothing is more unfortunate than not believing what is in existence.

◈ There is a big difference between the time when you live knowing and the time when you live not knowing things.

◈ The expression, 'Enlighten yourself!' means, ‘Practice in the state of being aware of what is in you.’

◈ Unless life itself is precious to us, we have no reason to live.

◈ We make efforts to attain enlightenments in order not to be deceived by others.

◈ Why is it really difficult to enlighten ourselves in the human world?

◈ All the answers exist in what is.

◈ No matter how much you want to enlighten yourself, if you cannot accept and understand truths, you cannot attain enlightenment.

◈ Only those who make efforts to know truths can approach enlightenments.

◈ All the discernment which causes thoughts, comes into being by what happened to you in the past.

◈ Enlightenment aren’t achieved in people's hopes or desires.

◈ Those who can be satisfied with what they do, are righteous people.

◈ The most important thing is how you love others and can enlighten yourself.

◈ Ignorance makes you deceive both yourself and others.

◈ To attain enlightenment is to take in truth into yourself.

◈ Anybody who enlightens themselves can save themselves.

◈ Before a society perishes, the consciousness of people in the society gets ruined first.

◈ The education without enlightenments is not the true education.


◈ We must not forget the fact that a theory not based on foundation can result in the most dreadful consequences.

◈ When you teach something, you must not neglect their origins and foundations.

◈ Planting your spirit on good foundation can make you change for the better.

◈ We must be taught what effects our behavior has on ourselves, our society, and our future.


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