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Voice of Nature

◈ The thing, which exists in your source, formed by what you do moves you back. This thing in your source is called karma.


◈ Once in the world, what has come to exist tries to exist without its own extinction.


◈ When someone who doesn't know what they're doing wants to teach others or solve others’ problems, that's what creates karma.


◈ A soul is a compound of gases into which consciousness has been inputted.


◈ At birth, past memories disappear, but past activities are preserved, unchanged.


◈ If those with big karma hear truths, they come to have repulsion. Those who don’t have big karma become dubious. Those with small karma become delighted.

◈ To learn for yourself and to do something that is a blessing to others is not to build up karma.

◈ A look at the world of karma shows how important things in reality are.

◈ Everything exists in history and everything repeats in history.

◈ Even karma itself has attachment. Those who have big karma mostly live long.

◈ The way to be free from karma is to cause good things to come into being in you by making good karma for other people.

◈ It is nearly impossible to build up good karma without enlightenment.

◈ The bigger karma is, the weaker willpower is.

◈ No matter how much you want to do well, if you make a mistake because of your big karma, you will build even bigger karma.

◈ Although people have been taught as much as being sick to do good things, the reason why they cannot do good things is because of their own karma.

◈ When it feels like there is fire in your heart, karma builds up if hate occurs, and karma burns if hate does not occur.

◈ Just because life is hard, don't do anything you'll regret for the rest of your life.

◈ Everything in the world comes to in existence through activity. Even karma cannot exist unless it is active. The way out of the control of karma is to restrain its activity.

◈ The words which can enlighten people are the best words.

◈ The purpose of our lives is to fulfill our hopes.

◈ Nothing is more unfortunate than not believing what is in existence.

◈ The difference between the life where you live knowing and the life where you live not knowing is enormous.

◈ The phrase, 'be enlightened' means ‘do things, knowing what exists in you.’

◈ There is no reason to live if life is not precious to us.

◈ In order not to be deceived by others, we are trying to enlighten ourselves.

◈ Why is it so hard to enlighten ourselves in the human world?

◈ All the answers exist in what is in existence.

◈ No matter how much you want to enlighten yourself, if you cannot understand and accept truths, you cannot attain enlightenment.

◈ Only those who seek to know the truth can approach enlightenment.

◈ Discernment, which allows us to see what exists as it is, is created by what happened to us in the past.

◈ Enlightenment is not achieved in one's hope or desire. The most important thing is how you love others and can enlighten yourself.

◈ Your ignorance makes you deceived and deceive others.

◈ To gain enlightenment is to gain truth into yourself.

◈ Anybody who enlightens themselves can save themselves.

◈ Before a society collapses, the consciousness of people in the society gets deteriorated first.

◈ The education without enlightenment is not real education.

◈ A theory devoid of its foundation has dire consequences.

◈ There must be a fundamental and a foundation in teaching.

◈ Planting your spirit on a good foundation can turn you into a good self.

◈ We must know how our words and behavior affect ourselves, our future and our society.

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