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About doubts in the world and problems in life

we find the answers which nobody has said and nobody has been able to know.

Anybody can ask questions. Let’s discuss together and listen to the answers.​

​Editorial Department


Q: Bringing children up, there are lots of cases where I, as a parent, do not know what to do for their wrongdoing.

A: You had better scold children severely for little wrongdoing but you should not scold them for huge wrongdoing. For the huge wrongdoing, they already know and regret it. Why don’t you just say to them, ‘People sometimes lose their footing even when they are just walking. Besides, who on earth can guarantee that a little child like you does not make any mistakes? Although you made a mistake this time, I believe that you will be careful of everything from now on.’ Then, children will show great life, where they make no mistakes, to parents by not forgetting the incident and keeping it in their mind.

 However, you ought to scold your offspring strongly for little wrongdoing. By scolding them severely for the little wrongdoing, you can prevent them from making huge wrongdoing. You should make them know obviously that it is wrong. Your rebuke must lead them to know, ‘I should never do these kinds of things again’.

 Scolding children severely for huge wrongdoing can cause side effects such as developing serious diseases or making them lose their courage to be losers or wrongdoers.

 You should not raise your children with affection. You ought to be a teacher, not a parent. When you teach your children as a teacher, your children will grow as a good human being. If you bring your offspring up with affection, playing a role of greenhouse to solve every problem for your children instead, it is highly probable for you to produce the consequence that they will ruin themselves, by telling lies or becoming stingy or useless when they go out into the world, though they might have high academic careers or good figures.



Q: A school newsletter read ‘Parents should not teach knowledge but wisdom’. What is knowledge and what is wisdom?


A: What is learned through books or education, terminology, common sense, etc. is knowledge. Wisdom is the ability to exactly observe and understand every phenomenon in front of us. Knowledge and wisdom are quite similar words but are different from each other.

 Wisdom can be called truth. However, there are lots of cases where knowledge is quite different from truth. When people collide with reality with knowledge from books or the present educational system, they encounter numerous dead ends. With wisdom, no dead ends. The judgment and ability of a wise person can solve any problems easily.

 The exact technological knowledge in everyday life can be called wisdom but most of the knowledge people have is being used to ruin themselves and the world. This is supported by the fact that there are numerous graduates, who are unaware of reality.

 Right knowledge can be the key to the door of wisdom. If the right education to teach facts can be put into practice, people can obtain wisdom from the education. However, the present educational system does not teach wisdom properly. This is because, due to lack of education about facts in the present educational system, what exists is neither fully explained nor properly understood.

 Wisdom can be awakened through facts. The best teaching and wisdom exist in facts. We should have more considerable interest in what exists.


Q: What is the scariest thing in the world?


A: It is falsehood. People have fallen into words which other people invented. There are some cases where the dead deceive the living through the operations of ghosts. These words are totally different from facts. The scariest thing in the world is that people do not endeavor to know the truth of problems inside themselves and the world. In today’s world, falsehood is ahead of the truth.



Q: What is the difference between the sight of an enlightened being and that of ordinary people?


A: An enlightened being tries to perceive a certain thing, depending on what exists. However, ordinary people do so, depending on their thoughts. Therefore, the result the enlightened being presents is tremendously different from the result ordinary people do. The reason why the results produced from the same thing are different is the difference in understanding of what exists.



Q: Why do you tell people that they should enlighten themselves?


A: It is because of life. It is because life makes oneself exist. Saying to enlighten oneself is saying to open the eye of consciousness. Opening the eye is rightly seeing what exists, perceiving the matter of how existing things come into being, and knowing what process the matter produces certain results through.

 The perfect enlightenment is opening the eye. Opening the eye makes it easy to live. You can find yourself simplified. It is the difference between when you live with all kinds of thoughts and when you live without thoughts. No thoughts, no mistakes. No mistakes, no grudges against others.Thoughts or imagination is not very helpful to life.

 How can we push all distracting thoughts out of our mind? How can we change into a simplified human? If you listen to, watch, and endeavor to know the teachings of an enlightened being, first you will know that you know nothing and then you will open your eyes to what exists. You will be able to tell whether what exists or what you do is right or wrong. You will know that you are going to make a mistake so you will not make the mistake. You know what exists so you can help other people. Those who are unaware of what exists can’t help others. Those who are not enlightened have difficulties understanding properly what exists because they move themselves by the operation of their karma. However, the enlightened being sees what exists and adjusts to it to lead a life easily.

 Life is to a way to keep yourself in existence and enlightenment is necessary for your good life.



Q: What does it mean that one possesses oneself inside oneself?


A: By you yourself, you are born and formed. If a person calls himself or herself the king in heaven, the king’s origin and foundation must come out of him or her. You always come from yourself.

 If a tree bears fruits, the origins of the fruits lie in the tree. Every function and quality are accumulated in every fruit as they are. If one of the fruits is sown, it grows as a tree with all the same functions and qualities as the previous tree has. Of course, the present tree is affected by ground and the environment. Yet again, the tree put itself into its fruits. For example, if a bean is sown into ground, it grows up to bear the same beans as the previous bean. It is because the origins of both the previous bean and the newly grown beans are the same.

 A human being also makes oneself come from oneself.

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