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Q: When affectionate people are in charge of official responsibilities, the cases where their affection intervened in their tasks very often have been observed.


A: Affectionate people are interpreted as people who are bound by favoritism. Favoritism means to be swayed by private affection or relationships. There are lots of mistakes when trying to do things depending on affection. Everything must be judged by right from wrong. One of the examples of favoritism is the case where a relative asks what is impossible in an official business to be done, appealing to affection. In that case, the relative as well as the one in charge of the business is wrong.

 It is really dangerous to rely on affection. When a society is dark, the society itself is observed to move by favoritism. Nepotism is another example of favoritism. If a society is locked in favoritism, it becomes dark. Do(道, way) collapses in such society, which means that justice disappears. If people do not distinguish right from wrong obviously, they will move with favoritism. This favoritism arises from affection or attachment and riches as well.

 There are societies where lots of members in them are suffering from favoritism. Korean society is also a society with much favoritism. In fact, there are cases where bribery is needed for administrative procedures in public offices for promotions at work. Looking for power or connections or relying on money is depending on favoritism.

 It is really important to distinguish right from wrong. We must not help anyone recklessly because we only feel pity for them due to affection. We must be clearly aware of what we are doing, and we must think first about what effects what we do will make on society and what results it will produce. Let’s suppose we give water to a rabbit, a scorpion, and a snake, just depending on affection. Giving water to the rabbit is not harmful to society but giving water to the scorpion or the snake is harmful to society because the behavior will give them power, help them develop harmful forces, and after all make society unstable.



Q: A close friend committed a hit-and-run. The victim has become disabled. How can we help the friend and keep the friendship?

A: In the state of lack of understanding of the world, I think it is a question about how we can differentiate friendship. Friendship must also have a criterion. If a friendship does not meet the criterion, even the friendship can be harmful. If a friend of yours commits a crime and you cover up his crime, it is both of you that are guilty. It is the best way to find a solution for him. He can’t live with a sense of guilt in the state of covering up the hit-and-run for the rest of his life.

 If you inform on the hit-and-run accident, the friend will serve out his sentence for a certain amount of time and if you hide the accident and cover it up, he has to live feeling guilty about making a healthy person disabled for the rest of his life. The friendly advice is necessary in this case. Asking what he will do about it, you have to say.

 “If you turn yourself in and serve out your sentence for a certain amount of time, you might be able to live with a light heart. Otherwise, you will have to live, feeling burdened all your life. You had better turn yourself in if you can receive forgiveness from the victim and ease the lifelong burden.”

 If you harbor your friend who is wanted and are discovered by the police, you will also be punished. If you have a deep friendship, you may harbor your friend. However, it is possible only when you prepare yourself for punishment. We have made it clear where the limits of friendship are.

 Is friendship good or bad? The thoughts human consciousness has are different from one person to another so friendship can do a good thing and can also do a bad thing. After all, we can’t determine whether friendship is good or bad without checking what exists. We must not forget that there are wonderful cases in friendship but there are also lots of people who ruin themselves and their families due to friendship.



Q: I don’t know how to educate my offspring. There have been cases where I was hurt as much as I think I am abandoned by them.


A: If parents think they were deserted by their children, it means that the parents raised them not as their offspring but as their masters. When the parents are in possession of property, they give their children whatever they have. However, when the parents lose everything they have, although the offspring raised as their master liked the parents as servants who did everything for them, humored them, and put a lot of effort for their benefit, they do not like their parents anymore who don’t humor them and aren’t helpful to their benefit. After all, they are ready to abandon their parents, that is their servants who raised them as a master. If the parents had educated their offspring properly, how can they betray their parents? It is all parents’ fault.

 If parents bring up their children as a weak master, the children can’t perform hard tasks properly. Parents are the greatest teachers in raising their offspring. They should lead their children to have the right view of society. They must not prevent their children from seeing society properly by covering their children’s eyes. The important education for children is to develop a sense of independence.

 If people throw away attachment between them and their offspring, they can conduct a cool-hearted assessment so they seldom ruin themselves and make less mistakes. They can live well for themselves and do good things for other people. And they also become those who are neither easily deceived by others nor deceive others.Those who are aware of right and wrong serve well their parents and take care of their siblings through true brotherhood.

 Not having attachment to what you do is the way to ease your mind and to live healthily. How can parents bless their children? This question is the beginning of love for children. And children must be taught that nothing can be achieved without cool-headed judgments and honest efforts.

 Parents have to lead their children to work. When they work to make money from work, they will know the preciousness of money and won’t spend money recklessly. Parents must always think about how they can make their sons and daughters great people. When parents raise their children, they must not rely on their affection but treat their children coldly.

 If you don’t feel sorry about your offspring working and you can make them the best worker in the world, you will be treated as the best parents.


Q: What is affection and what is love?


A: Affection and love have a conflicted relationship. However, most people cannot distinguish affection from love because they have a great deal of affection.

 Affection was explained enough above. Love is to give a blessing to a person and affection is something by emotions which are connected to oneself. If I act on emotion when I do a certain thing, it can be understood that the action was caused by affection. Sowing seeds and cultivating them well is love. It is because it produces a good result. Conveying blessings or creating blessings is love.

 It is difficult to practice love if you do not open your eyes to right and wrong in the world. Like in mathematics, we have great love and trivial love in love. According to what blessings my behavior results in, the love can be great or trivial. Just as there are countless causes of karma in the world, there are also countless causes of blessings.

 A blessing results from the practice of love for the world and love is to give a blessing to the world.

Q: What does it mean that karma has attachment?


A: You can get every answer if you see what exists in the world.

   When people who have done lots of good things die, they die comfortably. They do not have deep attachment to their life so they meet their death naturally. In the meantime, when people who have lived wrongly by doing lots of bad things meet their death, they struggle not to die. This indicates that the attachment of people with good karma to life is deeper than that of people with bad karma. Research on those who lived a long life shows that most of their lives weren’t happy. These people have deep attachment. In other words, most unhappy people live longer. Those who have not made many enemies and have not lived harshly, rarely live a long life.

   The weaker willpower gets, the bigger karma gets and the deeper attachment gets.

   Karma has attachment. Karma makes you make mistakes. Although you keep yourself alert, you make mistakes unconsciously. Your second nature is inherent in karma so you become to do things the second nature orders you to do. Karma always forces what exists in you to appear.

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