Great Philosopher


An enlightened being, who was wandering around the world to look for people, found a poster on the wall of a building. The poster read ‘A religious person will explain about the contents of religious texts’.

Right away, the enlightened being went to meet the person.


The enlightened being said to him.

“Do you explain about the contents of religious texts in the state of being aware of them? Or in the state of being unaware of them?”

The old religious man said, his face turning red.

“Why do you want to know about it?”

“If you explain about them in the state of being aware of them, I would like to listen to your explanations.”

He said with a very unpleasant look.

“Just because you are well aware of the world, you have no reason to look down on me like that. You seem too arrogant.”

Hearing it, the enlightened being said quietly.

“Desire to know is not arrogance. It is not arrogance to say to know the fact that one knows, either. It is arrogance to despise others but it is not arrogance to say their wrongdoing is wrongdoing. If all these are arrogance, what on earth can the one who knows do? If the one who knows has to close his or her mouth, the world will become the heaven of the ignorant, won’t it? The world will come into wrong people’s possession.”


Then, the religious person drove the enlightened being out of the house fiercely.


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