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Correspondent's Report

At India Institute of Technology

Me-Ok, Kim

I was in Delhi, India in November, 1996.

I.I.T college(India Institute of Technology) is one of the most prestigious colleges which has excellent students and faculty. There was a 120-minute meeting with some students and professors from 7 pm to 9 pm. In an auditorium, about 400 professors and students were present. Here I introduce the contents of the lecture and questions and answers.



The introductory speech

I enlightened myself.

I say that I myself attained the supreme enlightenment and believe that my enlightenment will be helpful to your life and mankind’s future.

I am the one who is really enlightened.

I can prove my claim. Due to this enlightenment, I have experienced a great number of hardships. This kind of thing can be heard from nobody. In actuality, I have never imagined that this thing would occur to me before I was enlightened.

Even the moment that I was born, I had to go through special things. I was abandoned by my parents and turned away from my siblings. I was despised by my surrounding people and couldn’t receive an education. I received no help from society and was persecuted by authority. Since I was quite young, I have had to learn how to solve problems for myself and how to protect myself.

I could attain my enlightenment this way. Before I was enlightened, there had been no problems between my family or people around me and me. The social environments caused change in my consciousness.

I went into a small island called ‘Yeon-hwa-do’. It was November, 1984 and I was 44 years old. Isolated in a deserted island, I came to doubt what had happened to me. I was looking for my past in myself in order to understand what had occurred to me.

At that time, the message, ‘Go back to the past!’ came up in my consciousness. Then, a new message appeared in me, which meant that I had to go back the time before I was born. Thus, I started to count my age backward. 44, 43, 42, 41, …. When I counted 1 finally, I could see the phenomenon which nobody had seen.

Nothing was there. The world was calm and had nothing. I only saw an object which was shining in the empty world. It was the only thing that I saw.

After that incident, new things took place in my consciousness. My five desires started to leave from my body and anguish and delusions were disappearing in my consciousness. Whatever I suffered from, I found no hatred raised. When I met what is, I began to be able to enlighten myself about how it came into being.

In some time, I came to know what I had to do with all the experiences.

I started to look around people and had to tell them what exists in truths. As I did so, people came to give me odd looks. After all, neighbors became estranged and my relatives and friends left me. Those who had heard my words didn’t want to see me again. Nonetheless, now I have had to stand in front of you in order to reveal what exists in truths.

I am afraid how I will be left on your consciousness after this meeting. I understand what is in people but you can’t see things of the world as they are. If someone claims that they are enlightened and can say what exists in truths, first of all you will have to identify their claims. I don’t believe that there are any enlightened beings in this era except for me.

What I feel most desperate about is that people in this age don’t think highly of truth and falsehood. The reason why I am seen as a strange man is that there happens phenomena between your consciousness and mine. If I am not considered weird to your eyes, how can I say truths in front of you?

Our knowing truths is blessing ourselves and our revealing truths is blessing the world.

If people become aware of truths, they will neither tell lies nor harm other people.

When we know Natural law, we can stay away from poverty and ignorance.

When we know Natural law, our souls can make the way to eternal life and the reincarnation in ourselves.

By the way, unless an enlightened bing appears in the human world, those things can’t be known. That is why knowing truths is like obtaining the most valuable treasure in the world. Without an enlightened being, it is never easy to see the world of truths.

You can have lots of doubts about whether I am enlightened.

Thus I would like to explain once again about how I could attain the supreme enlightenment.

I had to be born in this period for a special reason. It is for you and things of the world. The world has existed by a promise. The reason why all the creatures exist in the world is that what was in them makes it possible for them to exist. The present mankind can’t escape from this promise. You are unaware of any methods about what will happen soon and don’t have any solutions. That is why the human world needs an enlightened being and I was born among you.

I haven’t asked for anything from people. The only thing that I want to ask for is your interest and cooperation in revealing truths. Most of the people who have met me may want to deny my enlightenment. However, it is really unfortunate that you deny this thing without identifying it.

I can say the secrets in the consciousness which moves you. Now you come to determine whether you abandon yourself or save yourself and the decision must be made in this era. My message is that you are the messiah who can save you. Another messiah won’t come to the world. Those who want to deny what I say should show me the evidence. I have never deceived and damaged anybody and neither will I.

I hope that my enlightenment will be useful to the world. If you need more explanations about my message, I will be willing to be questioned.

Once again, I would like to emphasize this point. You should try to watch what is, try to identify it and try to know it exactly. This kind of attitude will be helpful to your life.

I take it into deep consideration how I can inform you of this matter. I have traveled around the world for 12 years. This is the 8th visit to India but I have had few people who asked me questions. Like people in other countries, Indians seem to become so taciturn that they have rarely asked questions or answered my questions. There have been big differences between your knowledge and what I see in truths. If you don’t identify what I am talking about, you won’t obtain anything from me and I won’t be able to do anything for you. So, I have three terms and I will ask you about them, receive questions about them from you and give you my answers to those questions.

You must have learned the word, conscience in school or society. Then what kinds of things can conscience do in you? I would like to listen to your opinions first. Anyone who can answer, please tell me.



Questions and answers

Q: When I listened to what you said, you seemed to be powerful. By the way, why can’t you speak English?

A: I have never had English education. The enlightenment is opening eyes to things in the world but not mastering all the skills. If you have doubts about that point, please confirm first what happened to people in the past. Gautama Buddha couldn’t speak English and neither could Jesus. Please understand that I am not different from them.

Q: Jesus or Buddha didn’t say that they attained the enlightenment.


A: Jesus wasn’t the one who attained the perfect enlightenment. However, Gautama clearly revealed that he is an enlightened being.

Q: Please show us the evidence of your claims.


A: What evidence do you mean?

Q: It is the evidence that you are enlighened.


A: I have the evidence of the greatest enlighenment of mine among those of other enlightened beings. For one thing, please watch my face. This bump in the center of my forehead is the third eye that you may have heard from legends. Nobody has had this kind of evidence so far.


Q: There is one who has the same thing.


A: If so, you have to confirm it together with me. If he can say what is as it is and answer about it, he must also be an enlightened being. However, there can’t be such a thing in this era.


Q: What made you sure that you attained the supreme enlightenment? How can you say that you are helpful to the world? Why do I have to belive in your claims?


A: I say that I am an enlighened being because I attained the supreme enlightenment. I say I am helpful because what I do can make useful results. I say you have to believe in what I say because it is in Natural law.


Q: Just by counting age backward, can people also attain the supreme enlightenment? What kinds of ways to Buddha or the enlightenment are there?


A: Buddha didn’t explain exactly how he had been able to reach the enlightenment. However, I am aware of the matter of how I could be enlightened. In actuality, it is nearly impossible for a normal person to attain the enlightenment during the current age. As the evidence, there are only two persons for six thousand years who claimed that they were enlightened. One is Gautama who was born in this country, India. And I appeared in the world. Just counting age backward doesn’t give you the supreme enlightenment. In order to be enlightened, you have to go back into the world of origin. The world exists before your birth. I made the event ready for myself what I was about to be enlightened in order to go back into the world. I was already an enlightened being in the past world and owing to the past in me, I could be born as an enlightened being.


Q: How can you know all the people in the world? Why do you say that nobody has never experienced or will never experience what you went through?


A: There is nobody among you that shoulder the burden of the world like me and nobody can do so.


Q: What is the truth(Natural law)?

A: The truth is what makes what exists come into being.

Q: What are the ways to practice the truth in life?


A: It is identifying what is and knowing it correctly.


Q: Please tell me who finances your activities.


A: I have no sponsors so I have had a hard time preparing money and travelling.


Q: Do you also get angry?


A: When I observe wrong things or when my expectations go wrong, I sometimes get angry. However, I don’t have something like anger or sorrow.


Q: If you are an enlightened being, why do you feel so sorry for not providing the solutions to the problems which the world has?


A: It is because mankind’s future and yours are up to my efforts.


Q: What can we see through what is?


A: It is the truth.


Q: If you can’t see all the things with your physical eyes, how can you prove that you can see all the things with the third eye?


A: The claim of my enlightenment is my words and behavior. You can get the answer if you identify my words.


Q: If you are enlightened, why can’t you solve the problems in Korea?


A: All the people have their own destinies respectively and their destinies have significant effects on their society. Those who have doomed destinies don’t welcome the one who can help them not to be doomed. I have tried to solve the problems around me but nobody accepted me. Gautama in the past experienced the same thing as I did.


Q: Please tell me how I have to see my life. You said it is difficult for normal people

to attain the enlightenment. Then, isn’t it a waste of time for us to listen to you?


A: No, it isn’t. It is very important to obtain the way to the enlightenment from the enlightened being. The reason why I said most people can’t attain the supreme enlightenment is that an enlightened being rarely appears in the world.


Q: If the way to enlightenment is difficult, then what do people have to do?


A: It is to listen to the enlightened being about how to attain the supreme enlightenment.


Q: Please explain death.


A: Asking me to explain death means telling me the world after death. In the world of death, there are some different dimensions. Which dimension you will go to is determined by what exists in your lfie. Most people I know are going to the unhappiest dimension after their death. If you want to know about this matter in more detail, come to the place where I stay and have an about two-hour talk, keeping asking lots of questions on the same area and listening to the aswers. Then you will be able to have better understanding.


Q: After this life, will you be born again?


A: I can’t promise when I have to come to the world again. The reason why I had to come in this era is that, although I had no specific reason, there weren’t different alternatives for revealing things in the world.


Q: You don’t have the logical evidence which can support your claims. Logically, can you prove your enlightenment?


A: What do you mean by logic? I don’t say anything incorrect.


Q: What is the truth of this world?


A: What is itself is truth.


Q: I would like you to know that you are in the country where there is high-quality spirit and philosophy. Our philosophy said that there is nobody that is chosen to teach us.


A: Hypocrats in the world have invented lots of terms and infused people with them in order to develop their power. There is a person who mentioned philosophy. The questioner can identify whether the answer is correct or not, only when he knows what he was asking about. So I’d like to confirm what the questioner asked about.

You are using the term, philosophy. What do you call high-quality philosophy? If you ask questions without understanding, my answers won’t fit you at all. In India, who on earth can answer to my questions on philolosophy?


Q: Philosophy is the way to the truth.


A: Then, what is the truth?


Q: The truth is that what exists in the world is one.


A: I will ask you about the ‘one’. Why do you live?


Q: The ‘one’ becomes everything.


A: What you say is too difficult. what is the ‘one’?


Q: There is the ‘one’ in everybody.


A: What is the thing that is in everybody? Explain in a way that other people can understand.


Q: It can’t be defined.


A: If it can’t be defined, it means that you don’t know about philosophy. I will ask you one question. What is the answer of 1 plus 1?


Q: Buddha said that the one who reached the enlightenment isn’t born again. However, you said you didn’t know.


A: To attain the perfect enlightenment means emancipation. Emancipation means being free of all the karma. However, to my regret, I had to be born at this age. Although somebody had to come to this world and to reveal the truth, nobody wanted to. Thus I had to be born.


Q: Instead of proving your enlightenment, please tell me your philosophical view.


A: I have never told you to believe in me. I am just asking your interest in what exists in front of you. Here, let’s confirm briefly. Is there anyone that knows why you live?


Q: You seem to be a liar. In what ways can you help us to have confidence in what you say?


A: When you see things, you see them with your thoughts. When I see things, I see them through what is. The reason why people in the world can’t accept what I say is that there is a wall between us. You asked me a very good question.


Q: Please reveal the truth.


A: I am revealing what exists in ourselves. Our conversations are being recorded. So anybody can bring the recording with them. Please confirm what we have been talking about.


Q: When will you leave this world? Can you live as long as you want to?


A: I will stay in the world for about 18 years. I will do my best to help the human consciousness to open. This task is very important to you. My physical body cann’t live forever but my soul can.


Q: What do you call exactly enlightenment?


A: Enlightenment is opening your eyes to truths. Simply, it means seeing what is. There are lots of universities in the world. They are teaching anthropology but don’t know how mankind came into being and through what process mankind changes. If I want to know about those matters, I can see them on the spot by seeing what is. In the world, what happens occurs by what is and what is appears by what happens.


Q: What is the special task in this era and who gave you the name that you are the one who can see?


 I just said I am the one who opens eyes because I opened my eyes. You can’t compare my life with Gautama’s or Jesus’. There will be a period of change and I have provided hope for you.

Mankind has existed through changes. Religions call this thing the end of the world. However, I say that it is what must exist for the existence of the world itself. If you don’t understand what exists in truths for yourself, it will be difficult for you to know it.

 If you can’t believe what I say, the only thing that you can do is to identify it for yourself. My answers can be made in any area. How many people can say any truths like me? If there is anybody, I want to meet them.

I have come to India for you. This is my love. Whether you obtain good results or bad from meeting me depends on your judgment and behavior. The problem is that, because you aren’t accustomed to truths, nothing in what I say makes sense to you when you judge what I say with your own ways of thinking.

I will stay here for about a month. I hope there will be other chances that we can meet again. If you can ask questions about your doubts more exactly, I will be able to be much more helpful to you. I thank you for staying together until the end and sincerely wish you blessings.

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