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World of Nature

The world of Life

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    A human being has intrinsic qualities and things in life respectively. In order to understand these kinds of human features, we need the understanding of the functions of consciousness and a physical body. First, let’s find out what consciousness and a body are.


  Consciousness is an organ which takes in what we see, hear, and learn and makes up our minds and expresses them. A body, our physical structure, is an organ which exists for the growth and activity of our consciousness.

  The reason why an individual has different qualities and tastes is that what is inputted in one’s consciousness is different. When a certain thing enters consciousness, no matter how small it is, it doesn’t become extinct easily and continues affecting the activity of consciousness. The origin of consciousness is created by things in us caused by what happened to us. In other words, every activity is the way to make us exist. Everything in the world of life also exists through its own activity.


    If we properly know what is and produce good results through it, our consciousness takes in the good things. If we misunderstand what is and produce bad results, our consciousness takes in the bad things. The things we absorb in this way are influential in the activity of our consciousness. Even though I want to live decently, the reason why I can’t live well is also because of what exists in me.

    The thing inside consciousness which drives us is karma. The karma is what has come into being inside us through what happened to us. If the karma becomes extinct in those who are alive, they can reach the level of emancipation and become enlightened beings. Therefore, if anybody knows this fact, the person will never do bad things. Not doing bad things means not to behave recklessly toward what exists. The reason why the human world wants enlightenments is that it wants to live in the state of knowing it. If the enlightenment is attained, we do rely not on our own thoughts but on what is.


     Human consciousness moves by the past things inputted inside it, which produces multifarious phenomena.

    Some people live richly because they have made no mistakes and have been successful in what they did, although they weren’t properly educated and inherited nothing. In the meantime, others are not well off because they have made lots of mistakes and failed in what they did, even though they inherited a lot of fortune and had high academic careers. These kinds of phenomena are all up to their karma derived from the past. No matter how high academic careers people may have, if they live in the state of not enlightening themselves about what is, these phenomena never change.


    If you want to know a person, you have to see his/her origin(Hypostasis) and basis. It means that you have to see his/her life and behavior. You can do neither what you don’t have inside you nor what you are unaware of. In other words, nobody can hide what exists in the origin and its foundation. The origin of every living creature is made by what exists in it. Whether an origin changes for the better or for the worse is determined by what happens in its foundation.

    The reason why our society has numerous problems today derives from the matter of origins. Those whose origins of consciousness are of poor quality mostly tend to rely on their own thoughts or other people. It causes them to commit mistakes. This can’t be corrected easily and continues to happen without enlightenment.

    Even enlightenment does not easily happen to those with origins of poor quality. It is also because of what exists in their origins. The reason why origins are of poor quality is that karma is fairly active in consciousness. Karma makes humans see things of the world through what exists in them, so they can’t take in enlightenment easily. The reason why karma does not absorb enlightenment is that enlightenment kills karma.

    Enlightenment in the world of consciousness is the way to solve your problems and to help you to change for better to make better you endlessly. According to whether or not you know this way, your life will be different.


    Life, through the activity of consciousness, takes in or expresses what it has in it. This fact is applied not only to the world after death, but also to the new world where you are born again. The reason why this thing happens is that the activity of life lies in consciousness and that what exists in consciousness appears in the activity of life. Many people do not want to believe this, however. Mostly this phenomenon happens to people without good karma(善業). They deny what they will have to go through, thinking that dying means that everything is over and that the world after death does not exist. The world after death is the world after the activity of life stops. In other words, it is the world where only consciousness exists after consciousness separates from a body.

    Most people do not have the exact knowledge about the world after death. Although books on the spiritual world are sometimes published, those books are based on made-up stories.


    Everybody after birth faces death. Mostly consciousness experiences the spiritual world. The spiritual world can be compared to the situation where fruits are separated from the trees and remain alone. Souls are compared to fruits. When fruits meet the ground again, they live in the new world, doing activity through what was inputted in them.

    A human soul is also made through the activity of consciousness. Like the case of a fruit, the soul formed this way meets the new world by what exists in it. In the world after death, human souls experience what is not witnessed at any other living creatures. There are some spiritual worlds in the world after death. These worlds are strictly controlled by the law of nature. Human souls stay in the world which is determined by what is in them.


    A human soul is made of gas. Consciousness is inputted in the gas. A soul after death rarely assimilates itself into other things, sometimes seeing and feeling things like consciousness in a living human. In this case, the lifespan of a soul is different according to which world after death it stays in. When the consciousness of a soul becomes extinct, its lifetime is done. A soul with what is dormant in the soul moves to a different world soon. In general, the move takes place toward the world of life, although it may change depending on what happened to the soul.


    Things in our life connect endlessly. Through them, we live in the past, in the present, and in the future. The obvious thing is that it is difficult for us to change for the better unless good things happen to us. The world makes everything exist by the law of cause and effect. The reason why enlightenment is important in human life is that we have to know rightly what is. For us, what exists is the source which makes our change for the better or for the worse. Therefore, leading a life without the understanding of what exists is like living abandoning true blessings in life.


    Although a person graduated from a good school or has a high position in a society, it does not mean that he/she has a good origin. No matter how much knowledge the person may have, the person can’t become better if he/she is unaware of good things. If a person whose origin of consciousness is of poor quality is in charge of a huge task, he/she will ruin it. No matter how high his/her academic grades may be or no matter how vivacious the activity of the brain may be, the person can’t do everything well. The reason why today’s society has lots of problems is that the society does not think highly of consciousness but intelligence.


    Nature absorbs everything and at the same time shows what exists as it is. No matter how energetic its activity may be, a tree of a wild persimmon fruits wild persimmons. No matter how harsh its environments may be or no matter how hard it may be to do activity, a tree of a sweet persimmon fruits sweet persimmons. The result is determined by an origin in the world of life, even though the same activity is conducted in the same ground. 


    The growth and change of consciousness are achieved through a body. Organs of the body produce power or move through the orders of consciousness. If a physical disability happens or something wrong occurs in the activity of the body, the activity of the consciousness has trouble. For example, due to diseases or other flaws, the body can prevent the activity of the consciousness from happening normally and even can cause malfunction.

    There are some cases where a body has trouble. They are when we eat food with poison, when we are infected with a virus, when we are injured in an accident, and so on. And it is also when a certain soul, not ours, attaches to our bodies and becomes active. This causes the worst trouble in the activity of the body among all the other causes. In a serious case, consciousness itself can be ruined. Hence, what we must be most alert to is the souls of the dead and their approach to us. However, while the energetic activity of the body is being conducted, trouble rarely comes because the body controls and regenerates itself owing to the body’s function of coordination.

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