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Great Philosopher


 An enlightened being visited Kenya in Africa.

 He went to the church near his accommodation.

 There were lots of people in the church. It seemed to be the time of a church service.

 He met a young minister in the church.

 He asked the minister to preach to people, as an enlightened being, and the minister answered it was possible.

 He enjoyed the minister’s goodwill so he said to the minister.


 “Do you know Jesus?”


 “Nobody knows Jesus.”


 “It is true. You people do not understand what exists in that Bible, either.”


 What he said seemed to make the minister nervous. He continued to say.


 “It is a pleasant thing to believe in Jesus. It is a valuable thing to learn about Jesus. And it is a blessed thing to let people know about Jesus. However, although believing in Jesus, in the state of being aware of him, is the thing which saves yourself, just believing in Jesus blindly in the grip of his reputation, in the state of being unaware of him, is the thing which makes you ignorant. If you want to see Jesus though your own life, you will meet him. However, if you try to see Jesus through Jesus, you will never meet him.

 Jesus was the one who loved humans indeed and suffered tremendously from his love. The evidence that Jesus is a great one was in his life and sufferings. If he had not loved humans, he would not have had such sufferings. However, he was happy owing to the sufferings from his love. He endeavored to do things by himself which nobody in human world supported. That is Jesus’s greatness and his real value.”


While the enlightened being was talking, the minister looked at his watch continually and finally left the place in a hurry, saying, ‘It is the time of a church service’.

After all, the enlightened being missed the chance to preach to the people in the church.

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