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we find the answers which nobody has said and nobody has been able to know.

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Q: I, one of the readers, was embarrassed and confused about the content of Mother Teresa during the conversation with an Indian professor in ‘Faraway Travel’ of the 5th Nature’s Teaching.


A: Right and wrong is the result observed by what exists. If a farmer works hard and well, the farmer is bound to produce a good harvest. Even though he is well aware of farming and works hard, there must be reasonable causes if he does not produce a good harvest.

 People call what causes sympathy in them love or an admirable work. However, it is not a good thing but a bad thing to take care of the deformed or the disabled, aiming for people’s sympathy. If Mother Teresa really wants to do a good thing for society, she should take care of the disabled abandoned by the society with the money earned through her own hard work. If she does so, it can be said that her mind is nice enough not to disregard poorer people than her. However, it is quite a dangerous thing to collect money by gathering the deformed and the disabled and taking advantage of them to bring about sympathy in people.

 Foreign religious groups in India have built schools and carried out free education in order to establish their foundations. It is possible because low personnel expenses for teachers in India do not burden them very much. And organizations which are doing such activities are given lots of benefits as well as tax exemption. By the way, why is her work dangerous? Let’s confirm what exists.

 The donation from the visitors to Mother Teresa’s facility in Kolkata is more than thousands of dollars a day. The donations from all over the world and the donations to about three hundred branch offices around the world are really huge. Supposing that there are 30 of the disabled and 30 nuns in the Kolkata facility, tens of thousands of dollars a year would be sufficient for their food and clothing and maintaining the facility. If so, this is a really good business.

 It is totally a ridiculous thing made by people’s ignorance that the person, who is doing this kind of business conduct, is given the Nobel Prize and is titled ‘Mother of the poor’. After all, she ended up ruining herself through what she has done. Mother Teresa will not go to heaven. In the world where principles exist, how can such a poor person go to heaven? Even when she is born again in the future, she will be a nun or a beggar. It is because what she has done exists inside her.

 It is a right thing to extend one’s sympathy directly as much as his or her ability reaches. However, It is not a great thing to borrow others’ power and to do things which are not very helpful to society. It can be judged a good thing if you brighten the society and reconstruct it by borrowing others’ power. However, if not, it is not a good thing. Mother Teresa has no choice but to be judged the one who has not done anything practically helpful to the world but sold her own ideals and thoughts to people in the world.

 Nobody that does useless things can be light in the world. Anybody that donates money to such an organization is not a good person and will not become a good person, either. A great thing exists in a great result and great oneself exists inside the great result. No matter how good things you may want to do, if you can’t produce a good result, you will fail to.

Q: Is telling a lie always wrong? Why is telling a lie wrong?


A: When I tell a lie, if others believe the lie, it becomes a deceit. If they have an expectation through the belief and the expectation is not met, they will suffer the loss of time and money.

 The reason why we must not tell lies is that  the lies can do damage to people and if we tell lies once, it will be easy to tell lies from then on. If we often tell lies, we get accustomed to it in our consciousness so we tell lies easily and change ourselves for the worse. In this sense, falsehood can be considered the cause which does the worst damage in human society.

 The reason why we can’t solve the problems in our society, which is in big trouble, is that there is neither anybody who is aware of the truth about what exists nor anybody who has learned properly about what exists. The better our understanding of what exists in our society becomes, the smaller our hope gets. Why does this kind of society exist? It is because of falsehood. It is because falsehood is too big. The cause which has had our society itself lose the essential power to solve the problems is the wrong education. Korean universities convey diplomas but do not foster decent human beings.


Q: Can human consciousness change for the better or worse in the state of a soul after death?


A: The origin can’t be changed in the world of spirits. It is because there are no organs to make change. There is an origin from the past life in consciousness and by the origin, a physical body and spirit are obtained in the present life. The origin which existed inside me in the past, that is the result of all the behavior in the past, becomes the origin of my spirit which appears in reality. Temperament, character, and personality come from the origin. Consciousness comes from the origin, which means my judgment, thoughts, and behavior come from it. When consciousness collides with a phenomenon, it causes mind and the mind causes behavior. The caused behavior returns to the consciousness through the mind to make one’s new self.

 Let’s look into this matter in more detail. If consciousness moves, it brings about the mind and expresses it, which causes words or behavior through the brain. The words and behavior return to consciousness through the brain. The activity of sending out and receiving continues to take place. This process is expressed as ‘an assimilation process in a plant and as ‘activity of consciousness’ in a human.

 A soul after its body dies is called a ghost. A ghost has no organs. Hence, it can neither send out nor receive things. The ghost is in the state of the loss of the organs which build the origin. Whether a seed changes for the better or worse is affected by activity. In other words, in the state of a ghost which has no organs that convey the effects of things to the origin, the ghost can never change for the better or worse because it can’t do activity.

 Meanwhile, if the state of a ghost lasts for a long time, it comes to even lose the good part of the origin. Although the physical body of the ghost died, if the consciousness still shoulders the same burden that it did while the body was alive, its power is consumed. The origin of the power of the consciousness is ‘fundamental energy’. If the fundamental energy is consumed and gets weaker than a certain degree, it becomes difficult for the ghost to be born as a human being.

 For example, there is a case where a seed poorly preserved germinates by specific environments without being sown into soil. This kind of seed dies soon, when it is sown into ground. If it is a garlic, the life as a garlic is over. However, although the life of a garlic ends, the energy of the garlic can be born as a different plant. The energy meets a new destiny by being absorbed by a certain plant as a nutrient.

 The same is true of a soul, the fruit of a human being. In the state of shouldering the burden of grudge, continuing to do what grudge makes the soul do is the same thing as a seed continuing to do activity in the state of a seed. During the process, if the origin of its consciousness is lost, the energy wanders about in the atmosphere to be born as an animal or a plant.

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