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About doubts in the world and problems in life

we find the answers which nobody has said and nobody has been able to know.

Anybody can ask questions. Let’s discuss together and listen to the answers.

Editorial Department

Q: In our lives, what is the thing we should do for the sake of ourselves?


A: It is the most important to make your consciousness better. To make consciousness better, enlightenment must occur to you. Every problem and its answer exist in reality. You should always endeavor to enlighten yourself about what exists in reality.

   When you want to understand a certain thing, it is very important to know exactly about things involved with it. Unless you know exactly what exists, it is not helpful to you at all. When you exactly know facts in what exists, the creativeness of your brain becomes excellent, you come to know what you must do and what you must not do, and you can find out whatever exists inside you.

   You should know the fact that, when you are enlightened, you have delight, love, happiness, and peace. To live honorably with a bright mind, you should neither tell lies nor do damage to others in your life. To lead a life diligently, frugally, and honestly blesses you. Enlightenment is the way to self-salvation. You can preserve yourself only through enlightenment.


Q: I would like to know the human origin.


A: The origin of fruit comes from the tree. The fruit contains all the functions and qualities the tree possesses. The same thing of a human as fruit of a tree is called a soul.

    A seed sown into ground sprouts and grows to be a plant. The origin of the plant is the seed. In other words, the origin of the seed is the plant and the origin of the plant comes from the seed. When the fruit or a seed is born again, it shows the same qualities and functions as the previous tree left. For example, when a bean is sown into ground, the same kinds of beans are yielded. It is because their origins are the same.



Q: Is it a good thing to give offspring pocket money regularly?

A: It is not bad to give pocket money to your young children but it is good to raise them strongly. It is desirable to give pocket money as a corresponding reward for doing household chores. In this way, you should lead them not to be afraid of working and, by extension, to like working. If your children work for pocket money, it is good for both of you, i.e. parents can lighten the load of work.

   If they just give allowance to their children, fixing its amount and date, it has an adverse effect on the children. It is because they can think it is natural that their parents give money to them.

   You should say to your children, ‘If you want to depend on others for your life, I will give you a lot of pocket money. However, if you want to be a leader, you should have the ability to see and judge for yourself. This ability can be attained and demonstrated only through work. And only through work, you can enjoy the confidence of people and have good relationships with them. If you don’t work, I can’t give money to you because I love you so much.’

   The way for parents to help their children is to make them work. They should be made to work for themselves. People should do work, whatever it may be. If they do not work, their spirit will deteriorate to ruin themselves and to produce no results which brighten their lives.

   The Great Teachers taught, ‘The law of activity, i.e. everything exists by activity’.

   It is reasonable to give money as reward for activity, but it is not good for both parents and children to give money to children recklessly just for the reason of the relationship between parents and offspring.

   “Your life is yours and the lives of parents are theirs. The causality(因緣) between parents and children is like the causality that a seed comes to meet ground when the seed is blown by the wind and happens to fall onto the ground. Our meeting originated from the causality of the relationship between parents and offspring. Parents and children are those who lead lives with the closest causality. I respect the causality.

   I hope to bless everyone in the world. And what’s more I hope that you, who are just next to me, will not be unhappy and will be the one who are blessed. If you want to abandon things you can achieve for yourself, I cannot risk my life for you.”

   It is not important to get good grades in school. The best present for children is to make them those who are diligent and sensible.



Q: What thing can be ‘a good thing’?


A: If people are asked this question, they might think that it’s an easy question to answer but their actual answers are poor.

   A good thing is the thing that produces a good result. If a good result does not appear, no matter what the good thing you may try to do, you just had the impulse to do a good thing and did not actually do anything good. In other words, when you do a blessing for a person in order to make his or her life better and what you do actually becomes a blessing to him or her, it becomes a good thing. However, when you do not make any blessings happen to the person, you did not do a good thing. You just tried to do a good thing. A good thing is the thing that produces a good result.

   Although you have a good mind and know a good way, there is a case where you can’t produce a good result because of the absence of a causality(因緣).

   For example, what can be good things for farmers who want good harvests? It is to convey concrete methods of cultivation for their produce to them, including how to fertilize their farmland.

   When I convey my knowledge for one’s hope, if he or her can obtain the knowledge from me they want, it is a good deed of mine. When you catch a person doing a wrong thing, know that the wrong thing will make him unhappy, and try to enlighten him or her about it and if the person can quit doing the wrong thing so a unhappy thing does not occur to him or her, this is also a good thing.

   Good behavior is the behavior practiced which is necessary in reality. Not deceiving others and telling the truth is a good word. To speak about a thing, making it more beautiful or adding falsehood to it is a bad word. If you swear at a person to make the person offended, it is a bad word. Making a person feel good by praising him or her is not a good word. It is a word of consolation.

   After looking at an existing fact, we can always say whether it is good or bad.


Q: Please explain intelligibly about the meaning of ‘reason’.


A: It is the same thing as a formula in mathematics. A formula makes what exists come into being. It is the way of process that what exists comes into being. It is the meaning that makes things of the world exist. It can also be expressed as the truth. The case where clapping makes sound and the thing which takes place when water and oil are mixed are truths because they are what exists. When you talk about a thing that is out of the meaning of what exists, it is said that it does not accord with reason.

   When one thing meets another thing, it is called a causality(因緣). When a causality meets two things, the thing that takes place is called a formula. For example, when certain amounts of red paint and white paint are mixed, pink paint is made. With the same ratio of two colors, we can always make the same pink paint. When an alloy is made from the mixture of two kinds of metal, if the same ratio of the two kinds of metal is used to make the alloy again, the alloy newly made has the same characteristics as the alloy previously made has. These are formulas.

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