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Faraway Travel

A man I ment in Thailand

Soyeon, Yoon



  On 13th of December, 1988, Master and I boarded the airplane for Bangkok, depending on my poor English.

  On 17th, I visited the first teacher of the king, Seongbon Prayan. I showed the message which was sent to the Ambassadors to Korea, informing him that the enlightened Master was visiting Thailand. He read Master’s message slowly and asked if he could have a photocopy. I could make an appointment with him at 15:30 on 23rd of December.

  On the appointed day, Master and I went to Wat Bowon Niwet where the first teacher’s office is located. They might have prepared for our visit because three western monks were sitting in a meeting room. As soon as we arrived, the first teacher of the king entered the room. Master said first.

  “The world consists of meanings. All that exists in the world appears or disappears in those meanings.”

  While the Master was saying things for a while and I was interpreting, the first teacher of the king was silently listening. When the Master stopped saying, he jumped at a question.

  “Is your teachings the same as Shakyamuni’s, or different from?”

  “If he was enlightened and I am also enlightened, both see the same things. What do you teach?”

  “I teach precepts, scriptures, and meditation.”

  “It is really hard for the enlightened being to violate precepts. However, it is also more difficult and hard for those who aren’t enlightened to observe precepts. As there is the world in Buddha’s words, it is also difficult for normal people to see those words and teach them. What kind of meditation do you practice?”

  One of the western monks showed the posture of the meditation. Master copied the posture for a while and said.

  “Through this method, it’s impossible to reach complete peace.”

  Another western monk said.

  “Then, what are your teachings?”

  “I teach conscience and justice.”

  “The first teacher of the king heard the answer and was satisfied with it. Master said to him.

  “What is the origin of the world which exists in human teachings?”

  He asked back.

  “What is your answer?”

  “Do-Deok(道德, Way and Virtue)

  When he heard my interpretation, a disappointed look passed across his face. It made me think that he considered the interpretation of Do-Deok as ethics so I added quickly.

  “What he said was the truth(Natural law) and truth(fact as it is).”

  Then, the teacher nodded his head and looked convinced. Master said again.

  “You are sitting in front of me but you don’t see me. Shakyamuni said that a true person would appear in this era to save the world. Hindus in India also said the one with the third eye would save the world. It is really difficult to recognize a man of the eye of wisdom because they actually appear in three thousand years or six thousand years. Look into my forehead.”

  He had a close look at it and said.

  “Would it be okay if I touch it?”

  The Master agreed gladly. He walked up to Master and touched carefully the eye of wisdom on the forehead. After a while, he went back to his chair and nodded. The Master added the explanations about his other special abilities. The first teacher of the king asked for our contact number. Four hours have passed since we started the conversation. Before leaving, the Master said to the teacher.

  “Do you have hope?”

  “I am also teaching people as you do.”

  “Although you are teaching the thoughts you add to what you heard, I see what is and teach it as it is. This is the difference in you and me.”

  “I am truly glad to meet you.”

  We left him. I couldn’t help being moved by his commanding figure in front of the first teacher of the king. Master said.

  “I attained the supreme enlightenment for all ages. However, I haven’t been helpful to people. It is because what the enlightened being sees isn’t the same as what ordinary people see. In other words, ordinary people can’t see what the enlightened being sees and the enlightened being sees what people can’t see, so people consider me as a weird person if I see what is and tell it to them. Therefore, it is difficult for me to convey my excellent abilities to people and people in the world don’t know the ways to become outstanding.”

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