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About doubts in the world and problems in life

we find the answers which nobody has said and nobody has been able to know.

Anybody can ask questions. Let’s discuss together and listen to the answers.

​Editorial Department

Q: Why do we need education?

A: The education about natural science, engineering, etc. is necessary for making life more convenient and most of the other education is for helping students to know right and wrong.

   Life’s biggest purpose of knowing properly right and wrong is possible through the cultivation of character by education.



Q: What is the true goal of education?


​A: The true goal of education is to rightly convey what exists to people to make it understood properly. Enlightenment is opening one’s eyes to what exists. If an educational system does not help open one’s eyes to what exists, the educational system is a failure.

   In our society, those who graduated from elementary school are willing to work in factories on low wages. And those who graduated from middle school are willing to deliver jajangmyeon, sell vegetables, pull wagons or do farming. The problem is the highly-educated. They only try to use their head but not to do physical work. Why do they try to depend on others? Every human can take care of and take responsibility for oneself. Only if the government properly keeps fairness valid, individuals work out everything for themselves. It is very sad that our society can’t do so.


Q: How is education about human nature performed?


A: Education is divided into two kinds. One is the education about human nature and the other one is technical education or vocational education. The objective of education about human nature is to make people contribute to happiness and peace in human society through the correct judgment about right and wrong.

 The important thing to us is that we are alive. The goal of our life is to give blessings to ourselves. For our bright life, we must always have wise judgment and activity.

 Today, lots of people in our society believe that happiness and peace exist in ideals. This is because nobody knows how to obtain happiness and peace. They should be taught like this.

 “Everything exists by a single meaning. This is the law, the truth, the promise, and Do(道 ,the way). You should never ignore this statement. Live a life depending on the meaning through education or teachings.”

 It is true that people like Admiral Yi Sun-sin or General Eulji Mundeok​ were greatly helpful to the country when it was in crisis. By the way, we must not spend our time only worshiping them. We ourselves have to be like them. The same is true of the case of Andrew Carnegie. Education is to teach people to be able to be like them. It must be the most important goal of our society to make everyone in this country who has hope and courage an Eulji Mundeok or an Andrew Carnegie. This kind of education has not been provided in our society for tens of years. It is because this era has abandoned right things and has done wrong things. The way to live like a human being is to open our eyes to right and wrong and to keep ourselves by staying away from wrong things for ourselves.

 The fact that the education of our society is wrong means that our education about human nature is a failure. If people are taught right and wrong, justice will never disappear in the society forever. Teaching right and wrong is the way to keep a society, to keep a country, and to make its people thrive.


Q: What should a human being learn in life?


A: Before attaining enlightenment, what we should learn is love. And to learn love, we have to learn justice. The practice of love without knowing what exists can cause dangerous results. In other words, it can cause the situation where I am waiting for others to deceive me. Only when you know what exists, you can make it better. How can you make what exists change for the better in the state of not knowing it exactly? The most important study before attaining enlightenment is love and love is blessing.

 The goal of our life is to give blessings to ourselves and others. Why do we have to love others? To put compost in soil is not a bad thing at all. When I make farmland good by putting compost in it, the land will definitely give me good fruit. In the same way, the reason why I enlighten myself and give blessings to others is that, by making good the environment of the society where I live, my love will reproduce love and it will come back to me. That is to say, just as the land gives us good fruit If we fertilize farmland, we make ourselves given blessings by giving blessings to others.

 To have a good mind is the way to make myself better. However, no matter what good mind I have or no matter what good things I want to do, if I cannot produce a good result, it turns out to be an unrequited love. Although I endeavor to give a blessing to a person, I end up being deceived by what I did after all. When we try to do things of the world, we should take this thing into deep consideration.

Q: What is the difference between wisdom and knowledge?


A: Wisdom is the eyesight inside us and when it opens, we can see for ourselves. Knowledge is what has been accumulated through seeing and hearing and we can apply it. There is a considerable difference between those of wisdom and those with knowledge. Human knowledge contains huge numbers of wrong things. Wisdom has the ability to recognize the wrong things and to defend against all of them or to stay away from them.

   The competent are trained but a genius is born from oneself. No matter how many competent people may gather, they cannot catch up with a genius. It is because a genius possesses wisdom and the competent possess knowledge. No matter how much knowledge one may possess, without the eye to see the world, the knowledge cannot contribute to human society greatly.



Q: People say that consciousness must be reformed. Or there are expressions like ‘consciousness is good’ or ‘consciousness is bad’. What is consciousness?

A: Consciousness is the organ which makes thoughts, judgment, and behavior.

   Consciousness is formed by what happened to us being accumulated and it appears by the move of what exists inside us. One can have a different opinion on a certain thing from another. This is because what exists in individual consciousness differs respectively so different judgment is made on the single thing.


   The activity of human consciousness is very important. It is because thoughts, judgment, and behavior are decided through the activity of consciousness. The activity of consciousness is a word and behavior. Consciousness, that is a soul, is formed and changes by a word and behavior. Through enlightenment, consciousness can be changed and through teachings, enlightenment can be attained. The foundation of spirit is enlightenment. A human changes for the better or for the worse by enlightenment.


   A baby’s consciousness is very simple because they were newly born after having thrown away whatever existed in the past. While the baby is growing, what existed inside the baby is influential in its consciousness. The influential factors make consciousness again through activity.


  If consciousness grows good, thoughts and behavior become good. If thoughts and behavior become good, life gets good. If life grows good, society becomes good, country becomes good, and the world becomes good. That is why the most important thing in the world is consciousness. How can consciousness be awakened? This question is the most important task human society must work out.


  The word that consciousness must be reformed has often appeared in Korean mass media since several years ago. The similar words frequently appear during people’s conversations. It means that the number of people who feel the necessity of the reform of consciousness is increasing. However, although these words have been around us for such a long time, our society or country has not built any realistic systems for reforming consciousness. Why can’t they do anything about such an important thing? It is because those who are insisting on the reform of consciousness are unaware of the structure of consciousness and phenomena that are happening in the structure. After all, it is the reality that the reform of consciousness is impossible.


  Human consciousness is the main agent which makes things in the world exist. The world exists by a single meaning. The meaning makes good things come into being and according to circumstances, makes bad things come into being. It is a lie to talk about what exists, pretending to be aware of it, even though you don’t know about it. In our society, there are too many people who are saying recklessly something useless or something that they don’t know. The true reform of consciousness is reforming this kind of ignorance. In other words, it is the revolution against ignorance. We need a main agent and countermeasures for the revolution against ignorance in our society. We have to know how to lead society. We have to know what effects certain things will have on people. The reform of consciousness is impossible without a main agent and countermeasures.

 It is a difficult thing to reform people’s consciousness. How is it possible? When enlightenment and truth come to power, the reform of consciousness in society is possible.

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