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Faraway Travel

A Person I met in India

Soyeon, Yoon



 We were in Poona, India in September, 1989. I visited Vaswani’s office who was known as the greatest teacher and prophet. I conveyed Master’s message to him and he read it on the spot.


 “I am from the Republic of Korea.

I am traveling around the world for the way of mankind.

I call myself the one who has reached the supreme enlightenment.

I say that I was also the one who was at the position of the greatest teacher in the past life.

I can say the truths of what exists in the world and the things of the world which people want to know.

I would like to do the tasks which can be helpful to the future of people here.

I ask for your interest and cooperation for this task.”


 Finishing reading the message, he brightly made an appointment with the Master at 8 p.m. It’s 8 p.m. There were several people in his living room. He welcomed us very gladly. He didn’t sit on the host’s chair but brought a small chair to sit on it between the Master and me. Those present at the meeting were the main members of Vaswani ashram(ashram: a place where Hindus who wish to live away from society live together as a group). The Master said.

 “I can’t speak Hindi and English, either.”

 “We don’t care about it. We would like to listen to you quickly.”

 “Master let me read the message prepared for the meeting. While reading it, he stopped me to confirm the contents of the message many times. He said.

 “I think I have to learn Korean. I would like to listen to this gentleman directly. I’d like to follow you.”

 I tried to interpret for Master without every single word omitted.

 “Have you accomplished the completion?”

 “I carried out the spiritual completion.”

 “If so, it isn’t the completion accomplished, is it?”

 “What do you think the completion is?”

 “I mean the completion of both spirit and body.”

 “I see that the one who carried out the spiritual completion accomplished the completion of body.”

 “If so, don’t you have any diseases?”

 “After my enlightenment, I have never had any diseases since I completed myself. Hence, I don’t know what pain is like.”

 “How many people are there who are enlightened like you in the world today?”

 “Only me.”

 “There are a number of people who are saying they are enlightened.”

 “Where are they?”

 “In India, Tibet, and even the Republic of Korea. There are such people all over the world.”

 “Have you met them directly?”

 “No. I heard from rumors.”

 “Then, for what do you say they are enlightened?”

 “Why do you say they aren’t the enlightened beings?”

 “Although you gather all the people who say they are enlightened and all the wise masters, their wisdom can’t be superior to mine. If I ask for proof of the enlightenment, nobody will give any proof.”

 “Can you ask me questions?”

 “Thank you. Then I will ask the easiest question before asking the questions. It is because I can ask the questions among what you know. If you know something indeed, tell me about it.”

 “I know nothing.”

 “Now you have known yourself.”

 “You are the one who is truly enlightened. Due to our dark mind, we haven’t seen the proofs mentioned.”

 Those present at the meeting were recording or videotaping the conversation. Master looked around the room and said to the people.

 “Do you have any hopes? If so, tell me about them. I will show you the way to attain them.”

 He said.

 “Could you give me your light a little bit, please?”

 Master looked perplexed.

 “You have just asked me a very difficult favor. I will ask you one thing before I do you the favor. Will you try to save yourself all your life and convey what you will learn about the truths of goodness to the world?”

 He begged.

 “Yes, I will. Please give me just a little bit of the light of the enlightenment. If this place is not proper I will send out all the people here.”

 Master said again.

 “It isn’t that difficult to give you a little bit of my light. However, if you don’t keep what you said, you will be in very serious trouble.”

 “I will keep all I said.”

 He bowed his head in front of Master’s chest. Master touched his head with five fingers. He said.

 “I don’t feel anything.”

 “My light is silent, fragrance free, and invisible. However, when you fall into trouble, it will always help you.”

 He was pleased like a child. Master said to him.

 “If I tell you to come to Korea, can you do that?”

 “Yes, I will.”

 “How about your property and followers?”

 “They are all tiresome. I want to escape from them.”

 All the people there were laughing with smiles. Master reminded him of his pledge once again.

 “Don’t forget what I said.”

 We were seen off by the people and left the ashram.

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